Theta Healing



Thetahealing is a powerful technique that will allow you to quickly identify limiting beliefs systems, dissolve deeply held blocks and instantly reprogram the unconscious mind. With Thetahealing you can ultimately realise a new and empowered way of living and re-create your life exactly as you choose.

Thetahealing allows you to discover your endless potential for health, wealth and happiness. ThetaHealing has achieved immediate, life changing transformations by accessing the Divine via connection to the theta state. Astounding results await you when you deal with deep seated emotional and spiritual issues with Thetahealing.

We all desire a life of happiness and fulfilment in the many aspects of our existence. Imagine reaching a state of true harmony, peace and success in any aspect of your life – this is possible with Thetahealing.

Think for a moment the various areas of your life, ie health, career, spiritual, relationships, finances, creative abilities – your success and happiness in every aspect of your life is determined by your unconscious beliefs. It is the unconscious mind which creates your behavior patterns which in-turns creates your reality in every area in your life.

Hence, thought creates subconscious beliefs and these in turn create our reality, despite conscious effort to the contrary via positive affirmation and repetition. These beliefs underpin our relationships, our health, our wealth, our career and our happiness.

Health and Happiness are our natural state, yet many people spend their lives searching for both. In fact, Recent findings in quantum physics prove and validate that it is your deepest beliefs, attitudes and expectations that dictate your life experience and the level of success you can expect to experience in any area of your life.

No amount of desire for success or contentment can overcome deep-set subconscious beliefs that program your mind to the contrary, e.g. ‘I don’t deserve success,’ or ‘I always fail.’ Subconscious beliefs form your existence. Theta Healing allows you to break through to the abundant life you truly desire by dissolving these halting beliefs that have prevented its arrival.

Most forms of healing and personal development work on re-patterning the unconscious via the conscious mind, for example through positive thinking or affirmations. This is could be time-consuming. Thetahealing is unique – it can change the unconscious mind instantly. Spiritual and emotional challenges which may require hundreds of hours of mainstream therapy or alternative healing can be resolved in a single Thetahealing session.

Thetahealing differs from other forms of emotional and spiritual healing as it enables you to directly teach new feelings to the body such as “What it feels like to be happy” or “What it feels like to be healthy and successful”.

Thetahealing is uniquely powerful, immediate and direct as it allows you to teach new information to the soul and directly into the cells.

True harmony of spiritual, physical and mental states is achieved and your goals for work, finance, love, wellbeing and happiness are achieved.

Other techniques can be time consuming, invasive, complicated and painstaking. Theta is uniquely powerful, immediate and direct.

A single session can alter a life-time of frustration and invite a whole, new, joyful existence.

Cost and what to expect

A 60 Minute Theta Healing session is $100 and incorporates 3 stages.  We begin the session with a Counsel, then Healing and then a re-cap with programming moving forward.