The Matrix Reality

589975e4fThe Matrix Reality was channelled by the Light Continuum to Sarah Sheppard quite specifically, for those that have travelled their path with clear communication, connecting to their higher self.

“Those that need to see will know. If you are already reading this, you are one of the chosen who have come to help our planet and you will be already halfway on your spiritual path. You may not know exactly what you need to do yet, but this is because you have not fully awakened. These attunements will help you see the truth of why you are here and what you need to do next. The truth may be scary, we will not lie, but during these 3 attunements we are helping you to open your mind slowly within the realms you need in order to do this with the least amount of fear.”

Sarah writes:

“I channelled the Matrix Reality from the Light Continuum in November 2013. There are 3 levels within this course and there needs to be a period of at least 7 days between each level to let the energies settle. There can be no exceptions with this time frame. All the information below has been channelled directly from the Light Continuum (excluding the definition of cognitive dissonance).”

The 3 levels are:

Level 1: The Atomic Mind

Level 2: Opening

Level 3: Layering

The conscious mind needs to be unlocked before we can be able to rise to our true potential in this dimension. Imagine that your mind is like a library that has a locked door. To access the information, you need to find the key.”

Cost and what to expect:

There is a set fee with this system of AU$110.00  This system is sent by distance, and the fee covers all three levels.  You will receive a manual with so that you may use this as a key to unlock other unconscious minds, but please note we reserve the right to refuse to share this energy system with those who may not be ready.