Destination Shambahla – Mentoring.

“All new beginnings start with an ending”                                  


Destination Shambahla is designed to offer you tools for growth, many of which have taken from modalities learned, and others that have either been channelled, or that have come to Jacqui organically.  

These tools are passed to you, to allow you to unpack all that you have in YOUR suitcase, make peace with the items that block your journey and embrace those things that excite and offer you anticipation for your future.

Destination Shambahla

This session is designed to help you open that door and a way to find out what is below your protective layers, so that you can embrace all that lays beneath and move forward. Together we weave these layers into a beautiful tapestry, for all to see and for you to be proud of.

Lets remember back to the very first time, that you felt a limiting belief, in this lifetime or in another.

In this lifetime, what is that memory, a repetitive thought or behaviour that does not serve you?  Does it make you think or behave in a certain way, that holds you in a pattern you wish you could change?  That makes you feel confused?

cropped-30-traits-of-an-empath-e28093-how-to-know-if-youre-an-empath1.jpg.You will  learn a tool, that you can use in time’s of stress, when a thought process threatens to disrupt your calm. This tool will bring you perspective in an instant, it will allow you to move forward with knowledge, that you are more than that thought and that Neuro Pathway is now simply part of your journey, a thought process that has been a ‘gift’ to you from your past.

Lets start to pack our Suitcase in a way that matters to our destination, lets leave behind the things we don’t need, replacing them with tools or gifts, newly discovered.

By the end of our time together, you will have learned tools and have confidence to embrace the ability to release the grip of those limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past, knowing the Destination Shambahla is in your future.

Cost and what to expect.

Destination Shambahla consists of a 60 minute session that can be taken by phone or face to face.  

Included in the session notes, are copies of tools and permissions to use moving forward, these are unique to Psychic Directions and yourself, once you have completed the 60 minute session. Although the course is set, it is also variable according to each person’s needs and all information shared is private.

The price for the session is $100 please PayPal link at the bottom of this page for payment.

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