Shop – Intentional Vibrations

This shop is currently building its vibrational pieces, sourced with love from energetic locations all around Australia.

Each piece has a story and each unique piece has been handmade with love and grace, they will come packaged to you with care and a surprise, to encourage joyful flow.


For the love of Crystal Creations!

The following are crystals that have been found as I travel this amazing country and formed into vibrational creations, as the energy has driven me. I hope you love them as much as I have!

Abundance Wand



IMG_0730At the tip of this wand is a Citrine Point with a phantom inclusion within, attracting wealth, prosperity and success. It imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. Raises self-esteem and self-confidence. This will stimulate the intention, strengthening the intellect. Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.

Highlighted at the Citrine’s baser layers of Mica.  Mica diminishes nervous energy, calms an overthinking mind while positively enhancing intentional pursuits, allowing healing energy to be forthcoming.

Zircon Crystal chips are dotted amongst the Mica, and are a very popular and bright gemstone that were found in Northern Queensland.  Used for its spiritual and physical healing properties, it represents happiness, prosperity, chastity, positive energy, honour, purity, and spiritual protection. It is associated with all the chakras and can combine their strengths by aligning them.

Using this wand as an extension of your arm, with the positive vibrations exuding from the piece, feel free to manifest abundance in all its forms.

The cost of this tool is AU$60.00 INC postage. (Australia only)


Gaia’s Heart

This piece was created by the flow of Mother Earth (with my assistance)

Using a timber from the Finders Ranges, and a river stone with heart etched into its body as an anchor, the vibrations of shells and crystal chips of Jade, Sellenite, Lepidolite and an ancient fossil, collectively formed around it.

Red jasper also sourced in the Flinders Ranges, forms the centre for balance, with Carnelian and small Red Jasper and Rose and clear quartz chips to enhance its energy.

At the other end sits a gorgeous Amethyst surrounded by Amethyst chips with a copper coil to make this piece a highly charged meditative tool or alter piece.

The cost of this piece is AU$60 INC postage (Australia only)



Clear Crystal Claire Wand ~ SOLD

This piece of driftwood was sourced on a beach in Northern Queensland, the crystals sourced, in the hills surrounding Cooktown.

As told to me by an elder, Cooktown is an incredibly peaceful place rich in history.

Throughout Australia, indigenous tribes vary not only in language, but also in culture.

When a visiting tribe spends time in this gorgeous place, it is known that their differences are neutral, the energy emanating from these hills that are filled with Clear Quatrz Crystal, offering the gift of balance and clear consciousness.

This wand will offer its owner not only personal calm and balance, but its magic will enhance anyone, within its vibration.

The cost of this piece is AU$50 INC postage (Australia only)


Magical Malachite Healing Heart

This healing tool has varied energies sourced from Northern Queensland. The driftwood has been lovingly sanded and smoothed until the timber feels like an extension of your palm.  The focus of this tool is the Natural Malachite at one end of the wand.  Included within the stone is the obvious Copper, allowing the energy to heal moving forward.  Surrounding the Malachite are raw pieces of Garnet, also from Northern Queensland, offering nurturing in their most perfect combination.

At the opposite end of this tool is a simple Peach Moonstone, offering perfect balance to the heartfelt magic, in this energetic combination.

As a healing tool, this piece will not disappoint.

The cost of this piece is AU$40.00 INC postage (Australia only)


Simple Strength

This pendant necklace is as elegant as it is healing. The Lava Stone pendant was chosen for its vibration and includes little extra crystals within its form. It is threaded with copper that has been wrapped as a bale and is finished with Tigers Eye beads and a wrapped copper catch, to allow for it to be worn at different lengths.

Copper: as a conductor of energy, when used with earthly crystals it intensifies, enhances and channels their properties.

Lava Stone: is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to “bounce back”. A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger.

Blue Tigers Eye: is known to be a highly soothing stone that can reduce your stress, ease your anxieties, and increase your calm and relaxation.

The cost of this pendant is AU$20 INC postage (Australia only)



Essence of the Sea

The driftwood, found at a little known beach, off the coast of Northern Queensland, holds the essence of caves and crocodiles within its form.  Shells and crystal chips hide within the driftwood, with an Amber Quartz sitting proudly, yet ominously at its tip.  This crystal offers strength, well being and abundance to whom ever it resonates with, offering support to that abundance and a raw,  prehistoric vibration to its shape.

Carefully chosen Carnelian is strategically placed where one might hold the wand passionately, not too far away from some Mica and Clear Quartz, allowing for reflections and clear thoughtful focus.  Toward the other end of the wand is a hidden tiny Lapis Lazuli sphere, for clear communication, Green Tourmaline for protection, Jade to enhance the higher heart, with more Clear Quartz and Mica to reflect balance and clear thought.

The power of this wand is not to be taken lightly, but you will find its energy transforms whomever holds it and invites a sense of power and focused strength. 

The length of this wand is approx 12inches.

The Cost of this piece is AU$150 INC postage (Australia only)



Aphrodites’s Staff

Legend has it that Aphrodite was born within the white foam produced by the sea.  She is well known to be the goddess of love and beauty, but also a goddess of war.  This staff is the vibration of all that she is.  This timber was found a distance from the ocean, in the Northern Territory with its tail intact as it longed for the energy of the sea.  Its tail, has ‘Fish Tail Selenite’ featured.   Sourced in South Australia, with shells and crystal chips of Clear and Rose quartz, Amethyst, Jade and Carnelian, it offers power, passion, stability and heart, to all those that admire it, but will call to one, with the clear connection to Aphrodite.  Lovingly sanded and gently waxed with natural ethically sourced bees wax, the head of the staff proudly exhibits a Clear Ritualised Quartz sphere, surrounded by Clear Quartz tumbles, Rose Quarts tumbles, more Jade and Amethyst chips to support and focus, the energy of this heartfelt determination.

The cost of this piece is AU$290.00 INC postage (Australia only)