Sending Spirit Home ~ Clearing


Some spirit roam the spaces between our world and theirs, existing as we do, with experiences behind them, learnt from their lives and the people that have made a difference.

There are many reasons that their energy may remain, whether its attached to a place, location, house or a loved one, its often just as difficult for them to move on from their emotional body, as it is for ourselves.

Sometimes spirit is unaware that they have actually passed!

Can you imagine passing away suddenly and finding yourself in another corridor that you recognise, but don’t, you see your loved ones and they don’t see you?

The experience itself would create fear and negativity, it would be confusing and would certainly invite some more of the same, if not resolved.

I believe that there is spirit among us every moment of every day, walking their corridor or path, with the living often ignoring them.

Can you imagine if they find someone in the living, that can actually see them, or communicate with them? Wouldn’t you want to hang around that person if you were noticed or even heard?

Often they will simply stay in a familiar place, a space where the confusion is less, a space, a home they know and intend to stay safe, for as long as they can.

Sometimes a location is just as important, significant ancestral land, think of the Original Australians and their sacred ground. Or quite simply, a vehicle accident has a dramatic imprint, on any life, that may cross over.

I guess there are many scenarios that we could discuss in this forum, there are many opinions. My own sits firmly based on a view that is totally without fear of spirit.

So lets be clear, if you are considering connecting with spirit, with a view to clearing an energy from a place where you want to spend an amount of time, (your home) it is extremely important that you do this, without fear in your heart.

I am here to be a support in this endeavour, I will offer instructions, advice on tools and long distance, real time communication, if you should choose to take part in this process.

If my schedule permits, I am available to come to your space or home and provide this service, allowing all that reside there, to be in peace, the living and those that have passed.

(Please note, sometimes this may take a few visits before spirit can understand what it is we are asking them to do…..and sometimes they see their choices clearly and invite peace immediately.)

Cost and what to expect:

Initial consult is free and by phone. Please see contact page for details.

Charges are based on 30 minutes per $50 depending on the energy. If this is achieved by phone in real time (I am on the phone during the process) the charges are the same.

Should you decide to complete this process yourself, there will be a one off fee that will cover all emails, support and information regarding your personal situation ~ $50.