Jacqui listens to voices that consistently offer advice and comfort.

Via a connection, that has taken most of her life to understand, these voices are a guide that channels a knowing, a knowing that makes sense of the past, pushes beyond the present, and offers direction and hope, for the future. 

Although Jacqui is certified in many different modalities that have taken years to acquire, she is advised by her guides, that everyone has a different path to follow as many of us are waking up to a new way of ‘Be-ing.’

As an authentic Psychic Medium and Energy Healer, its time to encourage those who are sensitive to their sovereign power.

Fnd your truth and your power moving to this new strange future, by means of connecting to the higher power during a connected, channelled session.

Please note that Jacqui will often invite those closest to you, that have passed, to relay a message. This is most often a process that she herself has no control over, and whilst her wish is to alleviate associated pain, it is trusted that any messages are simply offered as a way to Heal and Connect, knowing that the mystery that lives on the other side of the ‘veil,’ is real and available, but not on demand.

This is a place to begin your ‘knowing,’ a place to feel safe, and receive answers from a trusted Source energy.

Many clients have found Jacqui via this website, simply go to the ‘contact’ page.



Cost and what to expect

Per 30 Minutes face to face or by phone or video call, AU$50

NB: (Jacqui is primarily offering connections by phone or internet due to her travels, unless she’s in a town near you!)

To start your session Jacqui will tap into your energy centre’s, your emotional centre’s and your physical body, to scan for any underlying issues. We will start will some counsel, move forward using crystal’s or cards and very often invite a loved one who has passed, to join us. It is of the utmost importance that an open yet safe space is created for your session, so please attend with an open heart and mind. Please see button at the bottom this post for payment method.

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