Jacqui is an intuitive empath, with a passion to allow others to feel joy, love and personal power in their hearts. Her mission is to bring Healing via a reading and answers to those questions that have been unanswered by spirit, for longer than they should.

Jacqui has been able to provide solace during a reading, by means of utilising crystals and cards to receive messages from the Divine and loved one’s who have passed over.

Jacqui is an authentic Reiki Master/Teacher and has a strong desire to offer a platform via mentoring, to those interested in learning Holistic Healing and health and harmony to those in pain.

Many clients have found Jacqui via this website, simply go to the ‘contact’ page.

Here they can make contact or find information regarding numerous modalities offered with genuine guidance.
Locally, she has been blessed to help others, via word of mouth , her workshops, Spiritual fairs and has a client base that reaches many parts the world. Jacqui offers Psychic Healings/Readings, and Energetic Healings, both methods calm the mind, repair a heart, or simply cherish the soul and provide confirmation with messages from the past, the present and hope for the future.


Cost and what to expect

30 Minutes face to face or by phone or Skype $50 NB: (Jacqui is primarily offering readings by phone or internet due to her travels, unless she’s in a town near you!)

60 Minutes face to face or by phone or Skype $100

To start your session Jacqui will tap into your energy centre’s, your emotional centre’s and your physical body, to scan for any underlying issues.  We will start will some counsel, move forward using crystal’s or cards and very often invite a love one or spirit guide to join us. It is of the utmost importance that an open yet safe space is created for your session, so  please attend with an open heart and mind.