Mentorship ~ Destination Shambahla

“All new beginnings start with an ending” Jacqui Cooper

Destination Shambahla is designed to offer you tools for growth, many of which have been communicated to me via certified teachers, and others that have either been chandelled, or that have come to me and YOU organically.

The sessions

Destination Shambahla is designed as a very individual course, specifically tailored to your interests and gifts, together we will weave a tapestry of your layers, allowing you to see beauty in your achievements and a grateful heart for the connection to future clients and ‘all that is.’

These tools are passed to you to allow you to unpack past experiences that have not served you, to make peace with your journey and embrace those things that excite you, whilst offering the present a grateful heart, as you prepare to thrive.

Together we will look at the puzzle of your limiting beliefs. We will learn tools to support you in times of stress, when a repetitive thought process threatens to disrupt your calm, you will accept that you are more than that Neuro Pathway. The aim is to allow you to see that limiting belief as a gift to your present…..from the experiences of your past, it will allow you to view this belief, as no longer attached to your emotional body

Energy Healing is within all of us. For many years, it has been taught as many different types of modalities. Over time, we have come to realise that our world today is a very different place, it makes sense to me, that the way we learn to ‘heal others’ is different from how it was taught, in years gone by.

Study and time is undertaken to learn ‘how’ to heal others and ourselves. These courses have, in the past, taken a long time before the ‘student’ is certified to a level, within the system, those systems often completed, at great cost to the student.

I have come to understand, with great respect to former modalities, (I am a certified teacher in many of these myself) that within each of us, is a greater power waiting to be unlocked. These powers allow us to open the door to a connection that is based in another plain of existence. The code to unlocking a gateway is unique to each of us, during your session we will uncover YOUR personal code and support its vibration and power to heal.

We will plan a schedule and content, a place for you to start.

There is no formal time frame attached to your personally tailored course, but we will endeavour to meet a level of understanding within a designated time frame, which will be based on your current knowledge and the direction you wish to take. We will discover many aspects of your psyche, including those aspects of your ancient DNA that are waiting for connection, teaching you methods of accessing your gifts and growing their glow.

Cost and what to expect

The cost of these sessions will be at AU$100 per hour. We will set regular sessions and you will receive course notes based on your current gifts and those that you intuitively know, you need to unlock. Please visit the ‘contact’ page to schedule in your Mentorship journey.

There will be an initial. basic phone call, free of charge, to chat about your aspirations and inspirations, together we will open the door to your dreams.


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