Join Our Tribe

Although many of our Tribe have begun their journey via the mentorship program at Psychic Directions, (Each program is tailored specifically to YOUR gifts and preferences) it is not a requirement to becoming a “Tribe Member” all that is needed is a non judgmental, open and authentic heart.

We welcome You!

Are you looking for a safe place to begin helping others?

This will allow you to offer your services by distance as you grow your confidence within your ability.

At Psychic Directions, as a tribe, we will encourage and support you, we take care of the energy exchange or, payment for your services, whilst you concentrate on what it is that makes your heart sing.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for how this may work for you.

Are you looking for an authentic reader or healer, but cannot are not in a position to pay for long periods of time normally offered by an established Psychic, Medium or Healer?

As these gifted ‘Tribe’ members are each authentic in what it is they offer, they are willing to offer their services at half the price offered by Jacqui, as a means to growing their confidence. At all times, please know that you are paying not only the messages or healing you may receive, but for the time and the personal connection shared by the Tribe member.

Please don’t hesitate to click on contact me to find out more.



Jay is a natural Empath, a softly spoken man that has the ability to read your energy, within a blink of an eye. He will not ‘beat around the bush,’ but will be gentle with your psych, encouraging healing within his messages and growth in the sharing of such.

His journey, alike many of us, has had its share of pain, he too has always known he was different, but is now ready to share his gifts. If you would like a reading with Jay, click on the ‘contact‘ link, to request a connection with Jay

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