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Christmas joy paying it forward!

Looking for something different in the form of a Christmas gift?

As in every year, I like to offer full priced readings in the form of gift vouchers, AT HALF PRICE!

So from now until 24th December, your cost will be at AU$25.00 per 30 minutes in the form of a gift voucher, to gift to others, or yourself. These vouchers will be recognised from between 1st January until, 1st June (the expiry date) so don’t hesitate to use the PayPal button below and then click on the contact page to allow me to transfer your details or those of a loved one. The voucher will be printable for you to include in a stocking or wrap as a gift.

Much love!


2021……has been challenging……sort of an understatement hey?

It means that for most of us, it’s a time to adjust and listen to our inner broadcast, to decide our path and ultimately, find the way to our truth.

With this being said, fairs have not been events to consider due to health restrictions, so if we are to receive guidance from spirit or guides, we must either learn how to ‘dial in’ by connecting to our higher selves, or contact a trusted Medium or Psychic for a scheduled reading or mentorship.


To exercise your ancients gifts, please click the link below :

12 Strand DNA Activation


or call: +61402 441 959


Upcoming Fairs and Expo’s


This will be updated as restrictions are lifted and it is safe to hold these events.