Current Promotions and upcoming Fairs and Expos 

A special for January!

There are soooo many things coming, that Im excited about!!

First up…..Here is a new way to offer those a phone reading that have not been in a financial position to receive.

How it works:

For a 60 minute phone reading, I am offering 100 tickets at $1 each.

You can buy more than one ticket and once we get to 100, I will stop the purchase.

(I will keep you up to date with numbers)

So comment with your name and how many you would like to purchase on the Facebook page and do the same as a reference with PayPal, so I can keep track. Once I receive your payments I will confirm your ticket numbers!

The draw will take place via ‘Facebook live’ so that you can see your name pop up!!

Blessing and winning intentions!

Click on the PayPal link below to receive your tickets!

$1 draw for 60 minute phone reading!

To start off the New Year, please connect with my Facebook page and see the current offer and changes to our beloved Kundalini Reiki.

Kundalini Reiki offer


12 Strand DNA Activation


or call: +61402 441 959 to make an appointment.


Upcomings Fairs and Expo’s


Below will be links to events that not only I will be attending, but that have been chosen for their authentic vibration and the amazing Exhibitors to be dazzled by.