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2021……has been challenging……sort of an understatement hey?

It means that for most of us, it’s a time to adjust and listen to our inner broadcast, to decide our path and ultimately, find the way to our truth.

With this being said, fairs have not been events to consider due to health restrictions, so if we are to receive guidance from spirit or guides, we must either learn how to ‘dial in’ by connecting to our higher selves, or contact a trusted Medium or Psychic for a scheduled reading or mentorship.

Free Activation

People have been discussing and singing songs about the Age of Aquarius for many years now.

Astrologers believe, (and I don’t consider myself, to be an astrologer, but have a deep respect for this knowledge) the “conjunction” that took place on 21st December 2020, was the astronomical event that announced its arrival.

On the 21st, Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the sign of Aquarius, for the first time in nearly 400 years. Resonating with that part of us that faces control as well as freedom, and as they only form a conjunction aspect every couple decades, when they do, it’s energetically intense, which is why it’s known as a ‘great conjunction.’

This was a huge cosmic event for December 2020, some serious shifts took place, and so I decided to offer those who emailed me here, or messaged on Instagram, the opportunity to accept a free ‘Age of Aquarius‘ activation.

As this conjunction announced The Age of Aquarius, our current timeline, I still feel it relevant to offer this activation to those seeking a sense of ‘coming home,’ as its intention now, is that it will alleviate some of today’s pressure and and therefore offer a clearer view, of the way forward.

Please feel free to share.

Bright blessings, Jac 🙏

Call or email (see contact page), or follow Instagram @psychic_directions for instructions on how to be part of this FREE activation 🙏


The way Psychic Directions will be offering its services, will be more directed at listening to its followers, with a view to sharing a vibration that will allow us, as a tribe, to make a shift toward a ‘greater good.’

Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to click on the contact page here at Psychic Directions, and ask for advice on the best way to receive your answers.

“A special timeline, as you are currently in, deserves ‘time’ to gently hold space. ~ ” The Guide.” 

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