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Thankyou and Choice.

You know…..

I rarely ask for anything, from anyone.

I’m not doing it now, this is an observation.

And there will be a question….(well, maybe a couple lol)

I’ve noticed something.

When other people appeal to you for help.

(Note: I’m aware this is the nature of what I do and am, I purposely attract it and it fills my heart)


Everyone has a story, something that makes a difference in their lives, a lost, much loved pet, child, or family member. People suffering heartbreak, family violence, addiction, financial difficulties, illness, disease, crime….it can be overwhelming.

But we are asked to help. We share, we hug, we donate, we spend hours supporting by phone, face to face or social media.


We encourage, we give….including when it comes to the services we offer…..without expectations of a thankyou.

But is it enough?


We hope we will make a ‘tiny’ difference by our own choice to help, even though we understand it might be perceived as not enough.

Are we in an age of…’s not enough?

We are in an age of…’s not enough?

Which is it?

Or….are we collectively at a point where we simply don’t know how to improve our own experience of THIS life we’ve been given….we forget to be grateful.


Many people have expectations that their life should be supported by others, by governments, simply by their right to BE.

What makes one person more important than others? Does it come back to Wealth? Health?

I realise I might ‘trigger’ some people here.

You are already the judge.

By your divine right of free will.


Take from this life whatever you will, whatever you have or don’t have….this life hasn’t served you a bad meal, it has served you the choice of what you want to, or guided to taste.

There are ways to be stronger, better, healthier and more abundant….with support that will allow you and by osmosis, your loved ones, to be their own master….but it takes a while to overcome your choices.

Doesn’t everyone want to stand tall?

If I want to make different choices, without expectations, help others little by little, I have to be a better brighter me….what about you?



Thankyou and blessings,


Food for thought – Claircognizance/Crown Chakra

Food for thought…..getting your head around what are described as your Claire’s…..


Sometimes the knowledge you gather becomes even more confusing, with clear….(note the play on words) information. 😍

Understanding Chakras, can be similar.

We discover interpretations that assist us on this path, usually there is a semblance of similarities offered to us, so I re-iterate how important it is to grasp the truth as it feels for you.

There are no right or wrongs here, simply an inner knowing that what you discover, makes sense to you!

Trust yourself

Let’s talk about what you just know.

That moment when you close your eyes, speak to your higher self and receive information or answers……and with no shadow of a doubt you know, ‘stuff,’ is a sign that you may be Claircognizant.

Claircognizance (clear knowing) can be a simple thought, that is persistent, an inner knowledge that needs no explanation for it to be true, no proof is necessary, for you to accept it.

During meditation, or Automatic writing, we have been guided to connect to our ‘higher self,’ via our Crown Chakra and this is often when we receive, thoughts about ourselves, or others…..even spirit, that is persistent, often not leaving us until we have answers.

1. Are you consciously and effortlessly tapping in the openness of ‘all that is’ at our crown chakra?

2. Do you receive clear messages that you know to be true?

If this is the case, your most probably open to the gift of Claircognizance.

Now for the purpose of gathering information, I’m going to post a couple of links, please note under no circumstances have I had input to the information, nor do I personally know the author in either case, I simply liked the concise way it was presented.

I have chosen theses links purely due to my own belief that Quantum Physics and The Chakras are a direct link to our senses, please enjoy:

Quantum Posibilities


The next ‘blog’ post will delve a little deeper into our inner knowing, and it will question your thoughts, as is my intention.

So huge blessings my lovelies!

Peace out for now,



In the beginning,

We are but a spark,

Growing a body,

A simple, not so simple,

Shell for that spark.

At this point of our existence

We have ‘become’ from love,

Born from that universal spark.

As a growing fetus

We are nurtured

We are loved even before

We are born.

Then we become survivors

Or not.

Then it becomes a little complicated.

If you are reading this,

Your spark has survived.

In previous lifetimes

We’ve been loved.

Our lives taken by others

Kept by evil

And lost our soul mates.

We have experiences

That have shaped us,

Ancestry within us,

Time has come to this moment,

We consider how we are to survive,

Moving forward.

If all that we crave is love,

Then all that we are is love,

And all that we can give freely, is love.

Time to see we are worthy.

We are but a spark,

Our bodies, grown, into a simple,

Not so simple shell,

For that spark.

Spark = Love


It’s a beginning.

Claire’s and Chakra’s….food for thought.

So with a view to introducing a method healing, that already exists within every one of us….I’m going to be publishing some blog posts that will….’set the scene’ (so to speak) or open the door, to a part of you that resonates to ‘all that is.’

Let me start here….

They say there are 8 ‘Claire’s. I believe in actual fact, there are more like 23….but we’ll get to that later.

The term ‘Claire’ relates to a clarity, or sense of a psychic ‘gift.’

As I write this, I want to allow your mind to connect something else….

The Hindu’s have long celebrated 7 Major Chakras, (which again in truth, there are many more, but utilising my intuition, I will discuss 8, higher and lower at the heart) that follow our spine.

These provide wellness and understanding of our sensibilities, when it comes to the correlation between our emotional and physical bodies.

Let’s consider…..

With love…..


(clear seeing)

A clairvoyant (clear see-er) receives their, and other people’s messages/visuals, some would say, via the third eye chakra.

If you are conscious of dreaming vividly, or of images and visions that flash into your awareness, you may be Clairvoyant, connected openly, to your third eye chakra.

Some people with the gift of ‘clear sight,’ see colours, energy fields or (auras) around people, plants, and animals. Some will see spirit, the divine, orbs and perhaps other, sentient beings.

I believe it’s important to note here, that when they are aware that this ‘sight/sensitivity’ is not available to them, meditation or other means of balancing this chakra will ‘clear the fog’ allowing clarity and sight to be open and aware.

1. Do you sometimes have a vision relating to a person, that comes true? (precognition)

2. Can you easily read other people? You know what it is, they’re thinking?

3. Do you receive snippets of another’s current past, or past lives? (postcognition)

4. Do you understand the reasons why they continually repeat behaviours that do not serve them based on their past?

If you answer yes to these questions, it is highly likely, that you are blessed with the gift of Clairvoyance and have an ‘open’ third eye chakra.

Food for thought….

Until next time.

With love,



Our world is like a jigsaw

There are misconceptions

Conspiracy theories or

Just plain old conspiracies.

Manipulation on a scale

Most people cannot fathom

It certainly beggars belief

How we accept such things.


We try and hold our hearts tenderly

We try and hold other people

With love and care

Passing on our beliefs

In a way that will help another

Rise and find their own light filled space.

There are modalities out there

That will provide you with a truth

With a path forward, if it resonates

With your own spirit.

I urge you to to be

Discerning, to go to your heart space

In all matters

Using your intuition to

Feel your way forward or

Allow you to move in another direction or

To a person.

If there is one thing I have come to know,

Is that we all have the ability

To use senses that are laying

Dormant, senses that are sitting

Within our DNA,

Our heart, information we are taught

To deny.

The truth of our world

Is that not all is as it seems

We read information that appears

To be unbelievable

When the actual facts

Seem even more so.

There is a method

Is requires honesty and truth.

It’s simple but needs consistency,

It will take years to master

But the rewards are

That those things that betray our world

Will not be able to touch us.

I’m at the beginning of a new journey

That feels in my heart

Like I’m coming home.

It all starts with the heart

Simple, but truthfully

Not so simple.

#Worth it.


Dude….You mean to say that the moon is artificial?

So haha! Got your attention!

There IS actually a school of thought that our ‘Moon’ is actually an artificial satellite, with a community living on the ‘dark side’…..a secret space force with an agenda unknown to us ‘plebs’ here on earth, using a projector of energies, to control our behaviours.

Oh *b…….!!* I hear you say…..😎

But folks, my thoughts are, how can you be soooo sure of your beliefs, have you been there?

What I do know is…..whenever the moon is ‘full,’ my spidey senses go ballistic……no matter whether our moon is a celestial body, a satellite or just a floating huge metal disk!……*insert smile*…….it has a magnetic pull on my own energy…..a tell tale sign that it is cycling.

At around 3am Wednesday 20th (Sydney time) Luna will be at its peak….this is a Super Moon, so it will be very close to Mother Earth at this point, the sun reflecting brightly…..perhaps we will see little communities going about their day……😎?

Notoriously we, today’s Metaphysicians, remind people, that when the moon is full, it’s time to release the grip on those things, those emotive thought processes, that do not serve us, that entangle our minds relentlessly in a negative way.

This Super Moon is positioned in our sky, in the constellation of Virgo…..what that means for us is, we may be inclined to overdo EVERYTHING!

Our moon, no matter what you believe, it’s simple presence, it’s placement in our planetary system, does have a tendency to influence our energetic field.

If you are currently overthinking your world…..take a breath…..accept that the lessons you have learnt from your past, are currently being shown to you by that big old projector in the sky, that your thoughts are simply a reminder of experiences that you have survived….smile and get out the popcorn….this slide show will be over soon.

So what do we ‘take home’ from this?

That WE are the anchors, that secure the energy we receive.

We get to choose how we deal with all influences, that affect our Being.

We all have beliefs….it doesn’t matter whether we are right or not….what matters is that we move forward in the most positive way, so that next time we encounter some energy that makes our emotional body overwhelmed….we choose to release the grip….and just Be.

Peace out,

Love and blessings Jac


This life…

As I reflect on this pic…

I’m reminded of all the cliches that we hear…

(Insert eye roll)

Life is a journey

Life is precious

That’s the lesson

Life is short

Love is the answer

The circle of life

And many more…

I have used a few of these myself, usually prepositioned by “feel free to roll your eyes 😍

The thing is, life really is as simple as the above cliches…..

Did you know that our heart is the first organ to form in the body as a fetus?

The last breath we take is fueled by our heart.

Blink and a spark becomes life.

Blink and that spark is born again, in the afterlife.

That circle never ending…life beginning again, somewhere else.

So the reason for my ramblings…a precious friend has begun her journey in the afterlife and even though I cry grateful tears for our friendship, she sent me a message via a Facebook memory this morning, that sometimes it’s ok, to simply be.

So I’m going to be absent for about a week, appointments will be honoured, but no new ones scheduled before next Monday, as I connect and reflect moving forward.

So guys please be grateful, please remember to tell your important people how much you love them, blink…this life is a cliche and your heart is what keeps you going.

Chat next week

I love you ❤️

As we approach Christmas, what do YOU wish for?

As we approach the time of year that we give to our loved ones, let’s be reminded that we are spending moments in thought…..we think about bringing them….smiles…..the gift?…’s just the pathway to that joy.

Let’s be reminded that those moments bring us joy, when we find that perfect token to give.

I know I’m breaking it down here…..but the energies of Christmas get ‘combloberatted!!!’

(Yes I’m going to call that a word!)

No matter your religion or faith, your financial status or lack thereof, this celebration is powerful and can cause heartbreak depending on your mindset….your prayer.

So prayer.

We ALL do it.

We ask a Higher Power, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, for the things that are important to us.

We ask for love and abundance for ourselves and our loved ones, we ask for the health happiness and safety regarding the people we care about…..

You are following me, right?

AND we have expectations that we are heard….we might even yell our PLEASE!!!


Soooo…..does it sound feasible, that when you are spending time in thought about not having enough, when you can’t find the right gift, you don’t have enough money, or enough family…..or…..enough anything.

That those thoughts also, would be considered as prayer?

I want you to understand the power of your thoughts and know that your ARE being heard, whether you are wishing for the good stuff, or asking for the things that you DON’T want in your life…..especially now.

You know that saying, be careful what you wish for?

“You won’t receive a smile if you send tears.”

Are you getting my drift?

It’s easy to drift and ebb toward lack, at this time of year, so please…..sweet souls… so very careful with what you wish for this year…..your loved ones need that joyful energy that vibrates within….in fact so does the rest of the world….every little bit helps!

So that is MY wish for the silly season of 2018, that we all be mindful of our joy….that we ALL give the gift of our smiles this year…..that we consciously send out love.

Get me?

Peace, love and abundance blessings to you all!


Are you consistent in your consciousness?

So how are we feeling lovely people?

Have you been sleeping….or not?

(This tossing and turning may continue until around the 6th Dec….dissipating until just before Xmas.)

Potent Mercury, has left us exhausted and fighting for our sanity!

Our deep seated fears have been raising their swords, demanding attention….

This Retrograde, it has been intense….hard to fight back….leaving us lifeless and sometimes without spark.

But there is something else….

It’s not ‘just’ a black swirl of energetic madness created by the planets….

There is something different going on.

Can you feel it?

A flicker of light, a semblance of hope, an extra breath feeding your heart…?

It’s called honesty.

We are being called upon to be honest about our fears.

Those who are most sensitive will admit, that our deepest seated fears, are also a crutch that we have used many times over, often assisting us to become better… reach a different level of understanding or spiritualism….

I myself, often use the phrase ‘walked through the fire’ a metaphor, for surviving extreme personal experiences, accepting that our fears are based on those experiences.

But it’s time to literally THROW away those crutches, we do NOT need them anymore, why look at them fondly and pick them up again to test how they feel?

We have become stronger. We are STRONG.

So the Mercury Retrograde, while I believe in the effects of this mystical observation, we need to accept that in many cases our habitual reflection on the survival of our existence so far, must change if we are to be the best we can be.

Be consistent in your consciousness.

Stand in your heart space with compassion, be the reflection our friends and loved ones need to see during theses times.

Smile and have the world smile back at you.

Let’s start there.

Peace out,

Jac ❤️

Can you feel it?

Hola beautiful people!

It’s been a little while…..

My disconnect with the technical world being the main reason…..

Throw in a recent New Moon that closed my normally open door to all things universal…..

And I found as a Scorpio, beneath this moon, my focus was on on my love, my world, my partner…..


With love.

Back to the topic at hand…..can you feel it?

The air around us is changed.

We are moving toward the Full Moon in Gemini…..on 23rd November, around let’s just say 5pm….a little before a little after, it simply depends on where you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Whilst the New Moon was all about manifesting love and you are content, feeling very ‘earthed’ even strong within your relationships, you may be feeling something stirring that up already…..breathe and be calm.

This Full Moon, may bring out the dominant you….perhaps not a view you should want other people to see…..but you know that right?

How cryptic IS this stuff hey?

Again I will admit to NOT being an astrologist, or one to know enough to write Horoscopes, but I listen to my mind and body enough to ‘know’ when something’s up…..and I get head down and into research mode…..and I’ve found that the normally peaceful and loving Pleiades, is due to be intimidated by the reflection of other planets…..makes you antsy just reading that hey?

So hence this blog….as we approach this Full Moon, it’s all about the FEELS…..the old emotional resentments regarding ‘important’ people in your life may start to show up…..again!


Yeah I know…’ve dealt with all that!

You are soooo much stronger, it matters little now, but there they are again… your head!

Don’t get cranky with me!

In fact, don’t allow these energies to make you cranky with others, especially those supporters in your life, be aware…..let it pass with flow, it WILL build and it’s better to BE AWARE and not let it hurt your relationships.

Cryptic messages aside, I think you get my drift, put down any past resentments and focus on how good things are now and you will breeze through these energies.

You are enlightened….

You are love.

That is enough.

Peace out ❤️