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It’s been a while…..

Hola beautiful people!

The concept of time has gotten away with me, along with a certain way of life that we all have been used to.

I’ve used the word challenging numerous times, whilst updating my website to reflect the way we need to ‘be’ right now, but really, is the word ‘challenging’ suitable?

What are your ‘challenges’ in this Conscious New World?

For me, I have withdrawn, I have put myself out there again and I’ve cried over perceived losses….but right now, as I write to you, my thoughts are ALL about honouring my essence, my body (in a way that allows ME to move forward) and honouring YOU with unreserved bias, supporting you without discrimination, sending only love and grace.

Fear is NOT REAL


‘Fear’ are four letters put together to reflect an energy. I mean….

Earf? Fera? Efra?

Do any of the above words have a specific meaning that you can attach an emotion to?You get the drift.

Below is a simple meditative method to calm any fears that threaten to overpower you.

I hope this helps, I will be here more often lovely peeps, I have a feeling we are on the precipice of our Conscious New World, hold on to your hats!

Huge love


Preparing for the Lions truth!



As I sit here, I am urged to ask you to recognise an energetic ‘court,’ where star seeds and awakened individuals, are listening for testimony or ‘ signs of Truth.

At the moment, we are reeling from recent energetic shifts wouldn’t you agree?

The Lions Gate Portal.

At the moment we are recovering from the energy of recent full moon, which was only magnified by The Lions Gate Portal, which began to open on the 26th July.  This annual event becomes its most powerful on 8th August (08/08), this year its all about TRUTH, so take time to consider simply standing in your authentic self. (the portal will close again on 13th August)

With links to ancient Egypt, this gateway is observed as a planetary alignment between Earth and what once was known as, ‘our earths second sun,’ the bright planet Sirius.


On the 8th August, every year, this ‘star’ rises in the sky, Orions belt aligns with the great Pyramid of Giza and a surge of light and energy connects to our vibrational 5th element, awakening codes of a psychic nature and power that will enable us to move forward on our true path….this year, unveiling not only our own personal truth, but the truth on a worldwide scale.

Be discerning, and be quiet, allow your own psyche to blend these new energies.

The Energetic Court


You may have wondered what on ‘earth,’ I was talking about, in this reference.

Visualise, if you will, a divine council of spiritual beings that are ‘on watch’ collectively, over the human race.  I’m told we are being held to witness tremendous change.

Our hearts and our soul allow us to enjoy ‘free will,’ this prospect being the important aspect of our joint collaboration with ‘spirit’ or ‘star beings’ and ‘the divine,’  collaborations that will propel us forward to our individual freedom and collectively (hopefully) a changed world, if we quieten the mind, and ‘listen’ now.

It is time NOT to question everything, it is time to get back to basics, we need no proof to know the truth of this world, we need to know the truth of our hearts, and the truth of the voices and connections we hear and see in our peripheral vision.

This I am being told over and again, by ‘The Guide.’

Cause and Effect


The veil will be thin.  You will receive energetic downloads from above.  This energy WILL be the most potent on 8th August.

If you find yourself with a headache, you are extremely tired, your dreams are extremely lucid…I would urge you to rest, drink clean water and mediate….perhaps journal the effects of this day/night.  Keep your favourite crystals close by and talk to your guides, feel their warmth, know they are communicating with you, the best way they know how.

Know that after this portal, you will be changed.

Take a step back from your mind and allow your ancient self to come to the fore….feel the effects and take a positive step toward your sovereign self, moving with confidence, in this changing world.

As the energies ramp it up in September.

Bright blessings and love,



A reading with ‘The Guide’

Today it seems important that I write to you….although how to turn the voice into words,  well it is a little bit of a conundrum….I know that sounds cryptic or even obtuse….I apologise even before I start….haha!

I have a set of Oracle cards, that I was guided to purchase, they are not actually tools that ‘come out’ very often, but I am assured that by being in the flow….the messages will glide as perfectly, as the cards fall.

(I find it interesting that when I share space with other Psychics, reading for them, these are invariably the ones that want to be used.)

Once more I digress….(seems like a habit of mine when I start writing)

Card #1

Og2eK1LAT3+SIefrPd66mg This card represents the Element of water ~ our emotions and intuitive heart.

If you are here today, reading these words, they are meant for you.

It seems we are all feeling it at the moment.  ‘The Guide’ is consistently reminding me that ‘it is hard to see clearly through a window covered by raindrops.‘  When our emotions cloud our view, it is certainly not as easy to move beyond any pain or confusion associated with emotions.

I want to remind you, that the surface of our planet is made up of water, physicians will tell you our bodies consist of mainly water, does it not make sense then, that our emotional body, has a powerful effect on us?

The ebb and flow of our feelings, must be calm for us to have ‘smooth sailing,’ (so to speak) especially as at the moment, as we are seeing spirit fleetingly via our peripheral vision, we are feeling goosebumps more regularly, or seeing a repetitive sequence of numbers, or a distant voice that we can’t quite hear….we are noticing these things more, than ever before.

Card #2


This card represents our Ancestors and Spirit.

We are at a crossroad right now….I’m sure you will agree.

Our world is definitely changing.

This card talks to us about those who have gone before us, whether it is during this lifetime of before, spirit is talking to us now, it is time for those of us who want to listen, to do so.  It does not matter what stage of your journey you are on, those spiritual practises you have been toying with, need to be your ‘first nature,‘ repetitive practise is the key to communication beyond the veil.

Know that spirit is talking to you now, wisdom can be yours, if you learn how to listen.

Card #3


This card represents the Element of Earth ~ the greatest influence on all of us as humans, is the planet Venus and the state of being….that is ‘Love.’

The all embracing, all encompassing ‘state of Love’ rules and overrides, everything that  we relate too.  Whether it is for a person, a pet, a workplace, a food or beverage, when we are in a ‘state of Love,’ we are simply peaceful.

When Love is taken to a negative extreme, Venus’s influence can result in overindulgence, self absorption, overthinking, vanity and even jealousy.

This card is asking us to acknowledge our engine room, our hearts.  Be appreciative of the love you send to others, as well as the love you receive….be accepting without expectation.

Feel your feet sturdy, with the loving Mother Gaia beneath you, spend more time in nature, whether it is in mediation or beneath the sky and Venus.

As above, so below.’

From these three cards, we receive one message.


Our world exists in an unprecedented time.

(As I interpret the messages from The Guide, via these cards,  I am grateful.)

Yes we are emotional, we see it on the news, in the supermarkets, in our own homes.

Lets acknowledge our emotions. Acknowledge that they are not serving us, they do not allow our hearts to be at peace.  Meditation is a tool to calm the emotional body, wearing an Amethyst as a piece of jewellery or in your pocket, will support you.  Remember that spirit is by your side, trying to be heard through all of the noise in your mind, listen if you can, and put all the emotion to one side.

We are sovereign beings, we have a connection to our ancestors by birthright and genetics, which does not change, once we have passed to another realm of existence, our physical bodies may have a ‘use by date,’ even if we extend our longevity, eventually it will be our ‘etheric body,’ that lives on.

So let’s allow ourselves to Love unequivocally, lets love all that is good in our lives, and encourage those that we love, to do the same, in this life as well as the next….for love is Universal.

In short form guys, ‘calm the farm, lol….

Let’s find a way to connect to that part of you, that without reason, knows you have a higher purpose….and accept that Spirit is with you.

All that you are, and all that you have ever been,’ stems from Universal Love, it begins and ends with your heart.

We will win this battle, ‘The Guide’ tells me so, but we need to work together to be strong, we need to listen to the advice of our ancestors and the divine, and we need to get back to basics as a collective and, as he would put it,  ‘Grow our Glow.’

Love, Grace and Blessings,



‘Oxymoronic’ view, of our ‘brave new world’ by Jacqui….and some love support by The Guide



So here we are, (and by ‘we’ I am talking about conversations and questions, I am asking of ‘The Guide’) attempting once again to make sense of our ‘brave new world.

With fear in our hearts, we bravely more forward.’

Adhering to Covid-19 restrictions being thought of by some as a  ‘cruel kindness.’

Other people so engrossed in their own world, they are already viewing circumstances as a ‘living death.’

You can see where I am going with this…..’oxymorons.’

As an empath I feel other peoples pain, my heart is, most of the time, in the mode of wanting to quiet their mindset, so moving forward they can change the vibration around them…..

After all, if everyone was able to do this, wouldn’t our world be much improved?

Our world is an advanced civilisation. (insert sarcasm)

We have technology to send wealthy people into space now, we can use copying machines to make 3 dimensional houses, medical science can cure dis-ease and illness and we can use our once stationary television sets, to travel the globe, via the internet.

And yet, only the wealthy can visit the stars?

There are homeless people in every country of the world?

Our TV sets are subliminally encouraging us to buy food that is bad for our bodies, or ask us to gamble?

Medical science cannot find a cure for the common cold or cancer….OR a virus that has captured the world stage and  thousands have died, in its name.

You can see where I’m going with this.


I’m no conspiracy theorist, rather I, like many, prefer to research the why’s and why nots that politicians throw at us like confetti and quietly make up our own mind….

BUT, (note the big but) I believe we, The People, are at an impasse, we are simply confused by the state of affairs and want answers….

The only ‘source’ that will answer me honestly, if not cryptically is ‘The Guide.’

So here is a snapshot of our conversation, directly from him, (as he has said to me that my understanding of these issues, is often clouded by emotion)

I have said many times that my questions are not just my own……

The Guide


“From another plain of existence, I see you.

You are an ancient race, that have for centuries been in a battle for free will and freedom.  

In this communication, I will not go into detail, as spoken with Jacqui,  as I have witnessed emotional responses, a phenomenon that does not serve, but I will mention that the very concept of a ‘challenged free will‘ has been with you since humans began, as some entities have ALWAYS strived for power and succeeded in their quest.

There have been many battles, on your world, though your history books often show a skewed version of the truth, this ‘timeline’ is one of importance.


The ‘common human’ has more power now that at any other time of their existence.  They are listening to their consciousness, they are questioning what they are told, they are positively framing their mindset, so that their vibration can be felt and change can be made.    

The question that is repetitively asked of me by Jacqui, is HOW?

I want to remind you that your physiology at one timeframe during your existence, was much longer than it is now.  

I want to suggest that those in power, remember this, and utilise unwise methods to procure longevity, therefore allowing their quest to continue for longer periods….and the common human, succumbs.

Know that ‘we’ as a divine collective, support your race at every opportunity, help us help you, quiet your questioning mind, and seek your longevity with haste.

Start with your anatomy, mind and body, and become the strong essence that we know you to be.

Jacqui call this a ‘brave new world’ with some hope, yet doubt in her voice.  

Go to your hearts dear ones, ask your bodies to heal and remain healed, with a heartfelt grace, ‘grow your glow‘ those in power are already feeling the change in its worlds people. 

I will offer methods of just ‘how to talk to you body’ on a separate communication with Jacqui’s assistance.

Know that, I see you.

In the name of Source energy, I close this message and send you pure bright hope, love and blessings.

The Guide.

The Guide and some guidance…

img_6326So…….. its time to allow a trusted source and ancient friend to say some words.

Although its 24th July, 2020, The Guide has been asking me to allow him to be heard beyond our conversations for a while now… here goes….

The Guide

“From another plain of existence, I see you.  

I see you beneath a cloak of despair and I understand your pain,…and yet want to ask you to open your eyes, feel my presence, as I so often open my soul, to show you all is not lost.

I want you to know you are worthy, and that there WILL come a time where your mistakes and sadness, are not felt with the magnitude that they are today,… know that you are understood and loved by a universal and beloved source. 

You are a being that was created to perfection…..complicated and yet sublime.

No matter how much darkness you believe controls this timeline of your human existence, know that you are more, know that you have the ability to utilise more than just a microbe of your intelligence and potential….if you so choose, you do have the ability to promote longevity, with your powerful mindset.

Free Will….this concept was humanities greatest gift and yet I know you feel so controlled by exceptional events.  Free Will is still yours, should you choose to utilise this gift.  

There are forces at play that encourage control, but believe my words, there is substance to ’cause and it’s effects,’ some humans might refer to this as ‘Karma.’

Every thought you have, sends a vibration or ripple, to the rest of your world, collectively  there is great power in this motion.  Liken this to a breeze that is gathering momentum across the surface of your oceans,…there is much that can be changed or healed, if humans can gather their thoughts in a positive manner.

I see you.

Beneath that shadow, do you see me?

Can you feel me?

I am those goosebumps, I am that comfort that you sometimes feel in the middle of the night, I am that indeterminable sound that you cannot quite hear, or understand where it comes from.

‘I am’ that source energy that reminds you that this reality, that you currently exist within, is but a simple snapshot of time, a gift of life that has enabled you, as a spark of creation, to contribute, allowing the collective human race, to be more loving.

Do not be defined by your mistakes, be defined by your free will, and your ability to bring about change, allowing your glow to be felt beyond your current darkness.

Can you see me?

‘I am’ that spark of light you see in the corner of your blackest space.

I love your heart, it is your connection to ‘all that is,’ your family, the likeminded humans you share this timeline with, your planet, your love.

You are ‘I am’ energy, you are from source, as am I, the same essence that existed before you were ‘born,’  pure love.

The message on this day, is directed with grace….to those without.

Know that I see you, know that this channel will open communication again soon, 

With pure light energy and a loving vibration from source,

In the name of Source energy, I close this message and send you pure bright hope, love and blessings.”

The Guide.




It’s been a while…..


I’ve had a wee bit of time to re-group…..

Ok, well…..a bit more than a ‘wee’ bit of time, but occasionally the Universe takes over, especially when my personal humanity, blocks balance and that infringes on my ‘inner knowing.’

But I digress….so

Hola my friends,

I hope you are doing well, I suspect, with the world being the way it is, you may have been experiencing something similar to above, do you think the fog is clearing?

For me my view is much clearer…..finally!


I’m told by my ‘bossy’ guide, that it’s time to pull my finger out, (yes that’s how I get spoken to sometimes) and allow my intuitive heart to speak without consideration of how it may be perceived.

I’m told, I know what to do, my essence already reaches those that connect, it’s time to allow all of those channelled messages, to be heard outside of my head and my normal reading space… guide’s voice is getting louder.

So for all intense and purposes as I write, I will refer to this entity as ‘The Guide.’ when I need to respectfully and formally pass on the wisdom, otherwise….it will be “Guide’ or ‘Homey,’ (giggles) when Im being informal and playful, after all….he does have a sense of humour……Yes He.

Soooo, ‘Guidey’…..(cross between Guide and Homey….hehe!) is being patient with me right now, because I have agreed to pass on his words.

Initially this will be deep, he requests a conversation with those that have been swallowed by fear and depression, so I am being allowed a little ‘lightness’ as I write this, as his introduction.


The Guide is ancient wisdom, a voice that has always spoken as a trusted friend, an energy that has always understood my heart, always holding me gently, especially in my darkest hours.  The Guide speaks truthfully, he will not always tell me what I want to hear, but he will always tell me what I need to hear.  

He  stands in front of a team of Elders, a group that love humanity, that love the pure vulnerability and free will that make us different.  They are aware that we are in ‘dark’ times, that ‘some’ souls….some human and some not, have been manipulating our world for a very long time.

I could repeat much wisdom here, there will be many questions, but, as ‘Guidey’ (giggles) suggests, we need to start at a place with the intention of bringing a little light, to those who are so very much sensitive to the manipulation

So the next time I post, the words will be a direct communication from The Guide, with a short introduction by myself, (for those that miss these words).

Stay safe my friends, with much love and blessings to you,

Jacqui X

PS: If you would like your personal session with The Guide and myself, please click on this link for more information.  The Guide ~ Readings

Time for Talking

Ok seriously…..

It’s time for talking.

The last week or so has been a little difficult wouldn’t you agree?

It’s has been personal, it’s has taken us to a place where we weren’t our best….a place that exists in the bloody past….moments of self indulgence that made us dislike ourselves, making the ‘hole’ greedy for our souls.

Well….that spell is BROKEN….whew!….thankyou to my present state of being, for that final reminder that all that ‘was’ has made me a better version of me ‘today.’

It’s a hiccup in this vortex of current life, that poked a ‘hole’ in our being. Although It didn’t make us fall and disappear into it, it did make us stick our heads in it and have a good look around.

We didn’t like what we saw.

I’m using we/us in this conversation because, all the private messages I’ve received lately, have alerted me to the fact, that I wasn’t going down a solitary path….or looking into a deep dark abyss or hole of self pity, by myself….there have been quite a few of us it seems.

So conversations with my guides….

Me: what the hell is this misery? I thought I was past this, I thought I was better?

Them: you have been complacent, we needed to test you.

Me: again?

Them: we love you, we need to remind you of who you are, what you are and why you are.

Me: ok, I get it, thanks for that….but please….enough already? I promise I’ll be good from now on?

Them: You are truly loved, now go to sleep.

Me: doh! 🙏❤️

Peace out Jac

Discussion with my spirit guides

Just have to put this here, to make sense of it, I might ramble but feel free to scroll on past or comment 😍

I was having a conversation with my guide, I call him Metatron…..I know people understand the energy behind that name.

I had loads of questions, that I won’t go into as they are personal, then I asked, ‘is Metatron your real name?’ He said no. I asked why he answers to that name, and he said, ‘because that’s what you call me.’ Doh!

Of course I asked what his real name was, and I couldn’t make it out, so I just said ‘I’m going to just keep calling you Metatron then’ and we both laughed… I understand I’m not talking to an AA.

I have a memory of being off planet, and I have always thought that my partner was the being that I was with at the time…..I asked the question, ‘that memory, is it real? and was that being, my partner?, the response was, that yes, the memory was real, but…..he said no, it was not your partner, it was us and we are sorry we left you abruptly, that did not serve you, but there was a war. Your partner is a warrior that we sent to you, to protect you….and he does.

I was stunned, that suddenly I wasn’t talking to ‘him’ I was talking to ‘them.’ I have always had abandonment issues…..I didn’t expect this apology, it sort of exploded in my head lol….and then there was a war….it bought it all to a timeline in space.

I should have asked way more important questions, but it was a long conversation and I was being urged to go to sleep by him/them….I was insisting that I need to see his face, I get outlines from time to time, the features change, I believe now, it’s because they are an entity, a group.

I asked that I see his face/faces in dream state, I asked he/they stay with me as much time had past, and I felt comforted by his presence…..and dream I did? Or perhaps not….it felt so real….more like another timeline and a little more ‘warlike’ than I wanted. But that’s for another post.

Whew! I feel like I just purged! Lol 🙏

Love and blessings Jac

Fertiliser or experience?

We find ourselves on a discovery,

Looking for those things just out of our reach,

We are faced with a certain amount of understanding,

And sometimes, we find answers to some of the questions.

Have your answers bought you to a place where you know you voluntarily sacrificed your heart ❣ in your now, non existent past?

Read that again.

You knew you deserved better, it just took a while to be courageous enough to show yourself you care. ❤️

Love you too.