Can you feel it?

Hola beautiful people!

It’s been a little while…..

My disconnect with the technical world being the main reason…..

Throw in a recent New Moon that closed my normally open door to all things universal…..

And I found as a Scorpio, beneath this moon, my focus was on on my love, my world, my partner…..


With love.

Back to the topic at hand…..can you feel it?

The air around us is changed.

We are moving toward the Full Moon in Gemini…..on 23rd November, around let’s just say 5pm….a little before a little after, it simply depends on where you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Whilst the New Moon was all about manifesting love and you are content, feeling very ‘earthed’ even strong within your relationships, you may be feeling something stirring that up already…..breathe and be calm.

This Full Moon, may bring out the dominant you….perhaps not a view you should want other people to see…..but you know that right?

How cryptic IS this stuff hey?

Again I will admit to NOT being an astrologist, or one to know enough to write Horoscopes, but I listen to my mind and body enough to ‘know’ when something’s up…..and I get head down and into research mode…..and I’ve found that the normally peaceful and loving Pleiades, is due to be intimidated by the reflection of other planets…..makes you antsy just reading that hey?

So hence this blog….as we approach this Full Moon, it’s all about the FEELS…..the old emotional resentments regarding ‘important’ people in your life may start to show up…..again!


Yeah I know…’ve dealt with all that!

You are soooo much stronger, it matters little now, but there they are again… your head!

Don’t get cranky with me!

In fact, don’t allow these energies to make you cranky with others, especially those supporters in your life, be aware…..let it pass with flow, it WILL build and it’s better to BE AWARE and not let it hurt your relationships.

Cryptic messages aside, I think you get my drift, put down any past resentments and focus on how good things are now and you will breeze through these energies.

You are enlightened….

You are love.

That is enough.

Peace out ❤️


Relationships are soooo easy?



Hola people, it’s so good to reconnect with the ‘powers’ of technology, just when the energy ramps it up and it feels important to share some thoughts. 😀

So…..the full moon approaches 25th October in the ‘wee’ hours in the Southern Hemisphere and there is a distinct feeling of ‘let’s have some fun,’ with a definite thought process that says, ‘let’s examine my relationships.’

Wouldn’t you agree?

I want to break it down a little.

Leading up to this current time you may have found yourself feeling sometimes, a little left out?

Perhaps neglected and misjudged?

You may be on a mission to change a seemingly stale partnership, ‘change it up a little’ and have as much fun, as you possibly can!

My wish is that you slow it down a little at this time, calm the mind and in turn calm the body, overthinking can hurt your body on a physical level…’s Time To be aware and release your grip on any stress and hold less tightly, all the people in your life.

You are busy living your own life, why would you want to live someone else’s simultaneously?

That’s just way too hard.

So I guess this Full Moon is all about people, relax beneath this energy folks, simply enjoy being.

Under this Moon, have the fun you’ve looking to experience, with peace in your mind and body, ease into it and ‘through’ your important relationships guys.

Life is not a battle and people are there for your experience lovelies, make a pact to only enjoy them and you will venture from this Full Moon with peace in your heart.

Peace out, Jac

Make Peace ❤️

So the Full Moon is approaching (25th August around 1pm Sydney time) and we are at the tail end of some Retrogrades.

The fog is lifting, we believe we are seeing things more clearly….or are we just jumping the gun?

For myself, I have been shedding limiting beliefs….my world glowing with the brilliance of unchained love.

This Moon is under the influence of Aries an energy that can insist action be taken, perceived problems be dealt with whether it means going into battle, notwithstanding the consequences.


You may see clearly that fighting does not solve problems, only inhibiting healing….and you can choose to move toward this moon, with a view to compromise and love from your heart, instead of your past.

I urge you to keep a crystal with you called ‘Prehnite’

This is a stone of unconditional love, this will help calm your heart and mind, allowing judgement of current situations to lay quietly and your sense of worth to know it’s ok to simply be.

Let this Full Moon pass without battle….allow love to shine brighter than reason, you WILL see positive change if you simply allow yourself to compromise and find balance in life.

See you on the flip side loves,

Peace Out,


New Moon? Well isn’t that just super!

So….around about 8pm tonight, 11th August, (Sydney time) we have a Super New Moon/Solar eclipse.


No reason to head for the hills guys….New Moons are notoriously an energy that we ask you to manifest your desires beneath….it’s a Time To expect, that you will see your heart as full, as we look forward.

Super New Moon, sounds impressive right?

What it means, is that silvery slither of light, will be very close to the earths surface, add to the mix a solar eclipse and the energy allows us to feel stronger, more able to visualise what we want.

This New Moon is planted in the sky in such a way that our hearts feel lighter….now not to diminish the hold that Mercury has had on us, but are you feeling as if finally….you feel you can release the breath of the past and look to the future renewed?

Are you in the mood to ‘partaay?’

Ok let’s do this….let’s ask for the release of Karmic debt, let’s release the grip on past experiences, let’s ask for a rebirth that includes abundance….let’s ask the universe for the opportunity to have some FUN!!!

It’s Time,

Go get em!

Peace out,

Jac ❤️

The Lions Gate Portal

Hi guys….its Tme to talk to you about ‘The Lions Gate Portal.’


We have been under the influence of this energy pretty much ever since Mercury turned Retrograde….yeah I know….blah blah blah….yet another energetic body, trying to feel the fabric of our sensitive cloak….

This one is about our heart and our connections. The Lionsgate Portal involves the Sun, the Earth, and the star Sirius.

Known as our ‘Spiritual Sun’ some say that Sirius is the link that some of us have to the purest type of love.

During July, these ‘heavenly bodies’ move to merge until astronomers see them as one….and during the first week of August they are again seen separately, twinkling in their rebirth…..and we feel the opening of the Lionsgste Portal, it is calling.

I explain this in such a way that you understand, as there are so many planetary retrogrades and movements ATM, that we seem to be bombarded by energies and reasons to be mindful….it can make us switch off to our higher self.

The Lionsgate Portal is a reason to be ‘switched on,’ if ever there was a Time to open your heart and third eye chakra, this it.

It’s a Time to speak to the stars and be heard.

It’s a Time to activate ancient wisdom that is buried inside you.

It’s Time.

Connect via your heartspace to the stars.

See you on the 8th in the ether.

Peace out,

Jac ❤️

Hang on to your Hoopla!

So here we are a few days prior to the start of the next Mercury turning retrograde (25th July) and a little less than a week before the next powerful full moon 28th July around 6.20am and as usual the last few days for me have been…..let’s just say different.


Personally, I’m sure I’ve looked a crazed toddler in my endeavours to survive each day, switching between, moving forward in an organised manner, allowing my inner child to run free (dropping my hoopla as I went and pouting about it), laughing in the safety of the people that love me and making a vow to love myself in a wholehearted way…..a mixed bag…..but such is the influence of the energies at the moment…..apparently I am to stand sturdy, and wiggle my hips consistently with balance……bossy old Universe.

So here I am today, in a place called Warrnambool.

It’s a lovely regional city on the ocean, outside the elements demand our attention, the waves rage against rocks, the wind threatens our little home with flight and the rain is so busy trying to cleanse this part of the world, its inhabitants are fearful.

So….I want to take a moment to discuss Fear.

As we digress to our past over the next little while, as we are bound to do…..I want to ask you to go way back…..before that traumatic event during adulthood, teenage years…..let’s visit that little girl or boy and pinpoint, with honesty…..a moment that was a platform to your current, worst fears…..and forgive that moment, love that experience so hard, that the wind stops and the waters calm.

I want you to turn your face to the rain and allow it to cleanse you of the trauma, once and for all, dispelling the fears that you think protect you.

I want you to pick up your hoopla and wiggle those hips proudly…..for you are special and deserve your love….YES….YOUR love is the most important.

(I won’t discuss here the reasons behind the planetary positions and how our horoscopes may predict our behaviours and life events, I would simply ask you to accept that a couple of significant planetary bodies are reflecting their energies now….and that they are most probably making a difference in your life….acceptance opens doors, behind that door may not be a behaviour learned from a past experience….behind that door may be love….of self)

I want you to pick up your hoopla and wiggle those hips proudly…..for you are special and deserve your love….YES….YOUR love is the most important.

Peace out,

With love and grace…


Whew! That was a stumble…..


I sit here still a little vulnerable, after realising that as much as I forewarn others…..and as much as I know for myself…..that I am sensitive, (and becoming more so) to universal energies and the everyday thoughts and intentions of others, that my focus on staying grounded, is absolutely imperative, if I am to stay healthy, in both mind and body.

(Do you trip, when you are not grounded, when you are overthinking?)

I DO know a couple of things, there is a Full Moon on Thursday 28th, close to 3pm in the afternoon, and Mercury becomes retrograde on 25th July, until the 18th August.

NB: I was feeling SO out of sorts on Monday the 25th, I could have sworn Mercury had turned retrograde one month early!

So……back to the Full Moon.

This Moon sits in Capricorn and has an energy that asks us to make wise decisions, it is an earthy energy that comes with a disciplinarian vibe, a no-nonsence support, that feels very much like a silent, fatherly lecture.

The Full Moons energy, ALWAYS comes to me 5-7 days prior to its arrival, but this one  aligns with Mercury so closely, that the seriousness of my closest relationships, very nearly took a hit……so I decided to step back for a moment….(24 hours is but a moment, in the grand scheme of things hey?)….until I could clearly see it, or should I say who, was coming.

My Dad passed to another realm 7 years ago on 24th June, but on Monday, I could hear him laughing, teasing….and I was responding in kind, cracking jokes until I felt empty and just a little lost.  His energy became more insistent.   I needed to be less sensitive, I needed to be disciplined, I needed to remember….so I took a high dive, deep into my past.

Now here’s where I would normally get all watery eyed about how I wasn’t understood  or why I felt not included throughout my childhood, but when I came up for air, I discovered a different view, when looking at my past.   I saw the need to be understood, (especially when it comes to those who are supposed to be the closest), is only viewed as being important by me….doh!  Such clarity, even though I understand this stuff, sometimes, being shown the simple things differently, clears the fog, allowing you to see.

There have been so many lessons throughout my life, that when I am reminded of just how all of it has made me unique….well it does make it easier to breathe, to love and to see direction….thanks Dad. 


I recently posted this photo on Time To Heal, it occurs to me that these words were a premonition of what was to come, these words are important as we move forward, as a rescue process, for when we may accidentally fall into the abyss of our past.

I guess the reason for this post, is to remind us all, that as we enter into the following energies, you may start to feel sad, guilty, or controlled by your past negative behavioural patterns.

It is important to understand that all of these feelings are fuel, as we find ourselves standing on a platform, above those deep dark waters….those life lessons actually allow us to stand more securely, our roots grow deep into our past, and our past lives, but our steadfastness give us an opportunity to see ourselves as unique and worthy….now and into the future.

So that is all for now, stay grounded my friends, expect the tentacles of the current energies to try and find you, stand strong against them, if you fall into the water, open your eyes and remember the lessons that taught you to swim.

Love you,

Peace out, Jac.