Do you have 1 question? Allow Spirit to answer.

Do you at times want a simple answer to a question without judgement or involving others?

At Psychic Directions, Jacqui, her tribe and guides, have discovered an aching need for relief, in the most simple of forms.

If you would like an answer to a question, one question….what would it be?

By asking spirit to connect to your energy, I will ask for a photo of an object, or of yourself, or a loved one, connected to your question, (please note these pictures are deleted immediately after you have received your message) and I will give you an answer in full, whether it be short or long. If you have a second question connected to your situation, please know there will be another fee….so think carefully when phrasing your original question so that answer you receive will leave you fulfilled.

The cost and what to expect.

Each question will be answered post payment.

You can contact Jacqui on her contact page, please use the PayPal link below and then send Jacqui your question using the method that suits you best, by either Email or SMS.

The cost per question is AU$6.00


Please do not reproduce any content. You can Reblog but only an excerpt or choose only the part that you like and give proper credits. Thanks in anticipation of your co-operation.

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