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I have known I was a little different all my life.

Being a sensitive soul, I was told to stop crying, stop feeling so intently……I was accused of being dramatic…and for a long time did not understand why some people simply did not ‘like’ me and why others, would not, leave me alone.

There were always voices.  It was often confusing as a child, being told I should not be heard, when these voices insisted I speak, I know now, that it wasn’t my voice necessarily, that was important.

I felt at home in nature, climbing a tree…I loved immersing myself in the ocean, being around animals and I felt that nature and all earths creatures, simply loved me back.

I have always known things about other people. I knew they were sad when they were laughing. I knew they were insecure when acting confidant. I would know that a relationship was breaking down via a photo, or that someone had passed to another realm via a dream. I am one of those that will hug you as a stranger, because you need it and can offer a message via a loved one, no longer living, because they are standing by your side.

These have been a constant in my life, these voices.

While some of the major choices in my life haven’t been wise, I would kick and scream against the advice from my guides, not listening to the quiet when I should have.  I’ve had MY butt kicked many times and had it said to me “I told you so,” but these wise spirits, never give up.

I have questioned my conscious mind, I have ignored the subconscious voices and I have endured many lessons.

As I became more mature, I made a decision that these ‘voices’ were entities that were here to stay and that I should learn and understand just how live with them.  I found myself drawn to a world that most people were skeptical of, and yet, it made perfect sense to me.

As a much more mature person, with an intimate connection to a realm that is often felt but not understood, I am at a place where I know that the Healing does take place in ‘acceptance.’

Being open to experience, listening beyond the words of society, understanding that each of us can ‘tap’ into an ancient power that is unique and has longevity, given the open circumstance and mind.

Where am I?

I am travelling this gorgeous country, visiting Australia’s beautiful sacred sites and becoming, growing, more able to help myself help you.

As we follow our path and make our choices, I have found my role is to help you, clearly see.

I understand, that the lessons that I have learned along the way, have been gifts that enable me to offer Healing and channelled Psychic messages, to those that are ready to Hear and Heal.

My passion lies in supporting others in finding their strongest footing, and know that in our busy lives, we become time poor, as they traverse this journey called life.

I am offering all of my services by distance, phone, video calls, social media email and face to face where possible, these services fully supported by a number of noteworthy fully accredited modalities.

I am noticing daily, that those in need, find themselves stuck, without opportunity to support themselves due to lack of time, and so we are here, to answer your call.

Whether it be as a Mentor, Healer, Psychic Reader, Spirit Medium, Reiki Teacher, Chakra Tutor, Theta Healer, Meditation guide, Crystal Intuitive or Pathway Director, there is a way forward and a program that will be unique for you.

There is a purpose to this current life, let me/us help you stop, help you consider, that the thing you thought you could not have, could still be yours…let us help you find the answer to that question, that question that you have been asking for a very long time, from no matter where you are on this planet or from where you might already be, in your journey of life.

Huge gratitude and love for dropping by…Jacqui.

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