It’s been a while…..

Hola beautiful people!

The concept of time has gotten away with me, along with a certain way of life that we all have been used to.

I’ve used the word challenging numerous times, whilst updating my website to reflect the way we need to ‘be’ right now, but really, is the word ‘challenging’ suitable?

What are your ‘challenges’ in this Conscious New World?

For me, I have withdrawn, I have put myself out there again and I’ve cried over perceived losses….but right now, as I write to you, my thoughts are ALL about honouring my essence, my body (in a way that allows ME to move forward) and honouring YOU with unreserved bias, supporting you without discrimination, sending only love and grace.

Fear is NOT REAL


‘Fear’ are four letters put together to reflect an energy. I mean….

Earf? Fera? Efra?

Do any of the above words have a specific meaning that you can attach an emotion to?You get the drift.

Below is a simple meditative method to calm any fears that threaten to overpower you.

I hope this helps, I will be here more often lovely peeps, I have a feeling we are on the precipice of our Conscious New World, hold on to your hats!

Huge love


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