Preparing for the Lions truth!



As I sit here, I am urged to ask you to recognise an energetic ‘court,’ where star seeds and awakened individuals, are listening for testimony or ‘ signs of Truth.

At the moment, we are reeling from recent energetic shifts wouldn’t you agree?

The Lions Gate Portal.

At the moment we are recovering from the energy of recent full moon, which was only magnified by The Lions Gate Portal, which began to open on the 26th July.  This annual event becomes its most powerful on 8th August (08/08), this year its all about TRUTH, so take time to consider simply standing in your authentic self. (the portal will close again on 13th August)

With links to ancient Egypt, this gateway is observed as a planetary alignment between Earth and what once was known as, ‘our earths second sun,’ the bright planet Sirius.


On the 8th August, every year, this ‘star’ rises in the sky, Orions belt aligns with the great Pyramid of Giza and a surge of light and energy connects to our vibrational 5th element, awakening codes of a psychic nature and power that will enable us to move forward on our true path….this year, unveiling not only our own personal truth, but the truth on a worldwide scale.

Be discerning, and be quiet, allow your own psyche to blend these new energies.

The Energetic Court


You may have wondered what on ‘earth,’ I was talking about, in this reference.

Visualise, if you will, a divine council of spiritual beings that are ‘on watch’ collectively, over the human race.  I’m told we are being held to witness tremendous change.

Our hearts and our soul allow us to enjoy ‘free will,’ this prospect being the important aspect of our joint collaboration with ‘spirit’ or ‘star beings’ and ‘the divine,’  collaborations that will propel us forward to our individual freedom and collectively (hopefully) a changed world, if we quieten the mind, and ‘listen’ now.

It is time NOT to question everything, it is time to get back to basics, we need no proof to know the truth of this world, we need to know the truth of our hearts, and the truth of the voices and connections we hear and see in our peripheral vision.

This I am being told over and again, by ‘The Guide.’

Cause and Effect


The veil will be thin.  You will receive energetic downloads from above.  This energy WILL be the most potent on 8th August.

If you find yourself with a headache, you are extremely tired, your dreams are extremely lucid…I would urge you to rest, drink clean water and mediate….perhaps journal the effects of this day/night.  Keep your favourite crystals close by and talk to your guides, feel their warmth, know they are communicating with you, the best way they know how.

Know that after this portal, you will be changed.

Take a step back from your mind and allow your ancient self to come to the fore….feel the effects and take a positive step toward your sovereign self, moving with confidence, in this changing world.

As the energies ramp it up in September.

Bright blessings and love,



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