A reading with ‘The Guide’

Today it seems important that I write to you….although how to turn the voice into words,  well it is a little bit of a conundrum….I know that sounds cryptic or even obtuse….I apologise even before I start….haha!

I have a set of Oracle cards, that I was guided to purchase, they are not actually tools that ‘come out’ very often, but I am assured that by being in the flow….the messages will glide as perfectly, as the cards fall.

(I find it interesting that when I share space with other Psychics, reading for them, these are invariably the ones that want to be used.)

Once more I digress….(seems like a habit of mine when I start writing)

Card #1

Og2eK1LAT3+SIefrPd66mg This card represents the Element of water ~ our emotions and intuitive heart.

If you are here today, reading these words, they are meant for you.

It seems we are all feeling it at the moment.  ‘The Guide’ is consistently reminding me that ‘it is hard to see clearly through a window covered by raindrops.‘  When our emotions cloud our view, it is certainly not as easy to move beyond any pain or confusion associated with emotions.

I want to remind you, that the surface of our planet is made up of water, physicians will tell you our bodies consist of mainly water, does it not make sense then, that our emotional body, has a powerful effect on us?

The ebb and flow of our feelings, must be calm for us to have ‘smooth sailing,’ (so to speak) especially as at the moment, as we are seeing spirit fleetingly via our peripheral vision, we are feeling goosebumps more regularly, or seeing a repetitive sequence of numbers, or a distant voice that we can’t quite hear….we are noticing these things more, than ever before.

Card #2


This card represents our Ancestors and Spirit.

We are at a crossroad right now….I’m sure you will agree.

Our world is definitely changing.

This card talks to us about those who have gone before us, whether it is during this lifetime of before, spirit is talking to us now, it is time for those of us who want to listen, to do so.  It does not matter what stage of your journey you are on, those spiritual practises you have been toying with, need to be your ‘first nature,‘ repetitive practise is the key to communication beyond the veil.

Know that spirit is talking to you now, wisdom can be yours, if you learn how to listen.

Card #3


This card represents the Element of Earth ~ the greatest influence on all of us as humans, is the planet Venus and the state of being….that is ‘Love.’

The all embracing, all encompassing ‘state of Love’ rules and overrides, everything that  we relate too.  Whether it is for a person, a pet, a workplace, a food or beverage, when we are in a ‘state of Love,’ we are simply peaceful.

When Love is taken to a negative extreme, Venus’s influence can result in overindulgence, self absorption, overthinking, vanity and even jealousy.

This card is asking us to acknowledge our engine room, our hearts.  Be appreciative of the love you send to others, as well as the love you receive….be accepting without expectation.

Feel your feet sturdy, with the loving Mother Gaia beneath you, spend more time in nature, whether it is in mediation or beneath the sky and Venus.

As above, so below.’

From these three cards, we receive one message.


Our world exists in an unprecedented time.

(As I interpret the messages from The Guide, via these cards,  I am grateful.)

Yes we are emotional, we see it on the news, in the supermarkets, in our own homes.

Lets acknowledge our emotions. Acknowledge that they are not serving us, they do not allow our hearts to be at peace.  Meditation is a tool to calm the emotional body, wearing an Amethyst as a piece of jewellery or in your pocket, will support you.  Remember that spirit is by your side, trying to be heard through all of the noise in your mind, listen if you can, and put all the emotion to one side.

We are sovereign beings, we have a connection to our ancestors by birthright and genetics, which does not change, once we have passed to another realm of existence, our physical bodies may have a ‘use by date,’ even if we extend our longevity, eventually it will be our ‘etheric body,’ that lives on.

So let’s allow ourselves to Love unequivocally, lets love all that is good in our lives, and encourage those that we love, to do the same, in this life as well as the next….for love is Universal.

In short form guys, ‘calm the farm, lol….

Let’s find a way to connect to that part of you, that without reason, knows you have a higher purpose….and accept that Spirit is with you.

All that you are, and all that you have ever been,’ stems from Universal Love, it begins and ends with your heart.

We will win this battle, ‘The Guide’ tells me so, but we need to work together to be strong, we need to listen to the advice of our ancestors and the divine, and we need to get back to basics as a collective and, as he would put it,  ‘Grow our Glow.’

Love, Grace and Blessings,



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