‘Oxymoronic’ view, of our ‘brave new world’ by Jacqui….and some love support by The Guide



So here we are, (and by ‘we’ I am talking about conversations and questions, I am asking of ‘The Guide’) attempting once again to make sense of our ‘brave new world.

With fear in our hearts, we bravely more forward.’

Adhering to Covid-19 restrictions being thought of by some as a  ‘cruel kindness.’

Other people so engrossed in their own world, they are already viewing circumstances as a ‘living death.’

You can see where I am going with this…..’oxymorons.’

As an empath I feel other peoples pain, my heart is, most of the time, in the mode of wanting to quiet their mindset, so moving forward they can change the vibration around them…..

After all, if everyone was able to do this, wouldn’t our world be much improved?

Our world is an advanced civilisation. (insert sarcasm)

We have technology to send wealthy people into space now, we can use copying machines to make 3 dimensional houses, medical science can cure dis-ease and illness and we can use our once stationary television sets, to travel the globe, via the internet.

And yet, only the wealthy can visit the stars?

There are homeless people in every country of the world?

Our TV sets are subliminally encouraging us to buy food that is bad for our bodies, or ask us to gamble?

Medical science cannot find a cure for the common cold or cancer….OR a virus that has captured the world stage and  thousands have died, in its name.

You can see where I’m going with this.


I’m no conspiracy theorist, rather I, like many, prefer to research the why’s and why nots that politicians throw at us like confetti and quietly make up our own mind….

BUT, (note the big but) I believe we, The People, are at an impasse, we are simply confused by the state of affairs and want answers….

The only ‘source’ that will answer me honestly, if not cryptically is ‘The Guide.’

So here is a snapshot of our conversation, directly from him, (as he has said to me that my understanding of these issues, is often clouded by emotion)

I have said many times that my questions are not just my own……

The Guide


“From another plain of existence, I see you.

You are an ancient race, that have for centuries been in a battle for free will and freedom.  

In this communication, I will not go into detail, as spoken with Jacqui,  as I have witnessed emotional responses, a phenomenon that does not serve, but I will mention that the very concept of a ‘challenged free will‘ has been with you since humans began, as some entities have ALWAYS strived for power and succeeded in their quest.

There have been many battles, on your world, though your history books often show a skewed version of the truth, this ‘timeline’ is one of importance.


The ‘common human’ has more power now that at any other time of their existence.  They are listening to their consciousness, they are questioning what they are told, they are positively framing their mindset, so that their vibration can be felt and change can be made.    

The question that is repetitively asked of me by Jacqui, is HOW?

I want to remind you that your physiology at one timeframe during your existence, was much longer than it is now.  

I want to suggest that those in power, remember this, and utilise unwise methods to procure longevity, therefore allowing their quest to continue for longer periods….and the common human, succumbs.

Know that ‘we’ as a divine collective, support your race at every opportunity, help us help you, quiet your questioning mind, and seek your longevity with haste.

Start with your anatomy, mind and body, and become the strong essence that we know you to be.

Jacqui call this a ‘brave new world’ with some hope, yet doubt in her voice.  

Go to your hearts dear ones, ask your bodies to heal and remain healed, with a heartfelt grace, ‘grow your glow‘ those in power are already feeling the change in its worlds people. 

I will offer methods of just ‘how to talk to you body’ on a separate communication with Jacqui’s assistance.

Know that, I see you.

In the name of Source energy, I close this message and send you pure bright hope, love and blessings.

The Guide.

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