The Guide and some guidance…

img_6326So…….. its time to allow a trusted source and ancient friend to say some words.

Although its 24th July, 2020, The Guide has been asking me to allow him to be heard beyond our conversations for a while now… here goes….

The Guide

“From another plain of existence, I see you.  

I see you beneath a cloak of despair and I understand your pain,…and yet want to ask you to open your eyes, feel my presence, as I so often open my soul, to show you all is not lost.

I want you to know you are worthy, and that there WILL come a time where your mistakes and sadness, are not felt with the magnitude that they are today,… know that you are understood and loved by a universal and beloved source. 

You are a being that was created to perfection…..complicated and yet sublime.

No matter how much darkness you believe controls this timeline of your human existence, know that you are more, know that you have the ability to utilise more than just a microbe of your intelligence and potential….if you so choose, you do have the ability to promote longevity, with your powerful mindset.

Free Will….this concept was humanities greatest gift and yet I know you feel so controlled by exceptional events.  Free Will is still yours, should you choose to utilise this gift.  

There are forces at play that encourage control, but believe my words, there is substance to ’cause and it’s effects,’ some humans might refer to this as ‘Karma.’

Every thought you have, sends a vibration or ripple, to the rest of your world, collectively  there is great power in this motion.  Liken this to a breeze that is gathering momentum across the surface of your oceans,…there is much that can be changed or healed, if humans can gather their thoughts in a positive manner.

I see you.

Beneath that shadow, do you see me?

Can you feel me?

I am those goosebumps, I am that comfort that you sometimes feel in the middle of the night, I am that indeterminable sound that you cannot quite hear, or understand where it comes from.

‘I am’ that source energy that reminds you that this reality, that you currently exist within, is but a simple snapshot of time, a gift of life that has enabled you, as a spark of creation, to contribute, allowing the collective human race, to be more loving.

Do not be defined by your mistakes, be defined by your free will, and your ability to bring about change, allowing your glow to be felt beyond your current darkness.

Can you see me?

‘I am’ that spark of light you see in the corner of your blackest space.

I love your heart, it is your connection to ‘all that is,’ your family, the likeminded humans you share this timeline with, your planet, your love.

You are ‘I am’ energy, you are from source, as am I, the same essence that existed before you were ‘born,’  pure love.

The message on this day, is directed with grace….to those without.

Know that I see you, know that this channel will open communication again soon, 

With pure light energy and a loving vibration from source,

In the name of Source energy, I close this message and send you pure bright hope, love and blessings.”

The Guide.




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