It’s been a while…..


I’ve had a wee bit of time to re-group…..

Ok, well…..a bit more than a ‘wee’ bit of time, but occasionally the Universe takes over, especially when my personal humanity, blocks balance and that infringes on my ‘inner knowing.’

But I digress….so

Hola my friends,

I hope you are doing well, I suspect, with the world being the way it is, you may have been experiencing something similar to above, do you think the fog is clearing?

For me my view is much clearer…..finally!


I’m told by my ‘bossy’ guide, that it’s time to pull my finger out, (yes that’s how I get spoken to sometimes) and allow my intuitive heart to speak without consideration of how it may be perceived.

I’m told, I know what to do, my essence already reaches those that connect, it’s time to allow all of those channelled messages, to be heard outside of my head and my normal reading space… guide’s voice is getting louder.

So for all intense and purposes as I write, I will refer to this entity as ‘The Guide.’ when I need to respectfully and formally pass on the wisdom, otherwise….it will be “Guide’ or ‘Homey,’ (giggles) when Im being informal and playful, after all….he does have a sense of humour……Yes He.

Soooo, ‘Guidey’…..(cross between Guide and Homey….hehe!) is being patient with me right now, because I have agreed to pass on his words.

Initially this will be deep, he requests a conversation with those that have been swallowed by fear and depression, so I am being allowed a little ‘lightness’ as I write this, as his introduction.


The Guide is ancient wisdom, a voice that has always spoken as a trusted friend, an energy that has always understood my heart, always holding me gently, especially in my darkest hours.  The Guide speaks truthfully, he will not always tell me what I want to hear, but he will always tell me what I need to hear.  

He  stands in front of a team of Elders, a group that love humanity, that love the pure vulnerability and free will that make us different.  They are aware that we are in ‘dark’ times, that ‘some’ souls….some human and some not, have been manipulating our world for a very long time.

I could repeat much wisdom here, there will be many questions, but, as ‘Guidey’ (giggles) suggests, we need to start at a place with the intention of bringing a little light, to those who are so very much sensitive to the manipulation

So the next time I post, the words will be a direct communication from The Guide, with a short introduction by myself, (for those that miss these words).

Stay safe my friends, with much love and blessings to you,

Jacqui X

PS: If you would like your personal session with The Guide and myself, please click on this link for more information.  The Guide ~ Readings

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