Time for Talking

Ok seriously…..

It’s time for talking.

The last week or so has been a little difficult wouldn’t you agree?

It’s has been personal, it’s has taken us to a place where we weren’t our best….a place that exists in the bloody past….moments of self indulgence that made us dislike ourselves, making the ‘hole’ greedy for our souls.

Well….that spell is BROKEN….whew!….thankyou to my present state of being, for that final reminder that all that ‘was’ has made me a better version of me ‘today.’

It’s a hiccup in this vortex of current life, that poked a ‘hole’ in our being. Although It didn’t make us fall and disappear into it, it did make us stick our heads in it and have a good look around.

We didn’t like what we saw.

I’m using we/us in this conversation because, all the private messages I’ve received lately, have alerted me to the fact, that I wasn’t going down a solitary path….or looking into a deep dark abyss or hole of self pity, by myself….there have been quite a few of us it seems.

So conversations with my guides….

Me: what the hell is this misery? I thought I was past this, I thought I was better?

Them: you have been complacent, we needed to test you.

Me: again?

Them: we love you, we need to remind you of who you are, what you are and why you are.

Me: ok, I get it, thanks for that….but please….enough already? I promise I’ll be good from now on?

Them: You are truly loved, now go to sleep.

Me: doh! 🙏❤️

Peace out Jac

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