Discussion with my spirit guides

Just have to put this here, to make sense of it, I might ramble but feel free to scroll on past or comment 😍

I was having a conversation with my guide, I call him Metatron…..I know people understand the energy behind that name.

I had loads of questions, that I won’t go into as they are personal, then I asked, ‘is Metatron your real name?’ He said no. I asked why he answers to that name, and he said, ‘because that’s what you call me.’ Doh!

Of course I asked what his real name was, and I couldn’t make it out, so I just said ‘I’m going to just keep calling you Metatron then’ and we both laughed…..now I understand I’m not talking to an AA.

I have a memory of being off planet, and I have always thought that my partner was the being that I was with at the time…..I asked the question, ‘that memory, is it real? and was that being, my partner?, the response was, that yes, the memory was real, but…..he said no, it was not your partner, it was us and we are sorry we left you abruptly, that did not serve you, but there was a war. Your partner is a warrior that we sent to you, to protect you….and he does.

I was stunned, that suddenly I wasn’t talking to ‘him’ I was talking to ‘them.’ I have always had abandonment issues…..I didn’t expect this apology, it sort of exploded in my head lol….and then there was a war….it bought it all to a timeline in space.

I should have asked way more important questions, but it was a long conversation and I was being urged to go to sleep by him/them….I was insisting that I need to see his face, I get outlines from time to time, the features change, I believe now, it’s because they are an entity, a group.

I asked that I see his face/faces in dream state, I asked he/they stay with me as much time had past, and I felt comforted by his presence…..and dream I did? Or perhaps not….it felt so real….more like another timeline and a little more ‘warlike’ than I wanted. But that’s for another post.

Whew! I feel like I just purged! Lol 🙏

Love and blessings Jac

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