Thankyou and Choice.

You know…..

I rarely ask for anything, from anyone.

I’m not doing it now, this is an observation.

And there will be a question….(well, maybe a couple lol)

I’ve noticed something.

When other people appeal to you for help.

(Note: I’m aware this is the nature of what I do and am, I purposely attract it and it fills my heart)


Everyone has a story, something that makes a difference in their lives, a lost, much loved pet, child, or family member. People suffering heartbreak, family violence, addiction, financial difficulties, illness, disease, crime….it can be overwhelming.

But we are asked to help. We share, we hug, we donate, we spend hours supporting by phone, face to face or social media.


We encourage, we give….including when it comes to the services we offer…..without expectations of a thankyou.

But is it enough?


We hope we will make a ‘tiny’ difference by our own choice to help, even though we understand it might be perceived as not enough.

Are we in an age of…’s not enough?

We are in an age of…’s not enough?

Which is it?

Or….are we collectively at a point where we simply don’t know how to improve our own experience of THIS life we’ve been given….we forget to be grateful.


Many people have expectations that their life should be supported by others, by governments, simply by their right to BE.

What makes one person more important than others? Does it come back to Wealth? Health?

I realise I might ‘trigger’ some people here.

You are already the judge.

By your divine right of free will.


Take from this life whatever you will, whatever you have or don’t have….this life hasn’t served you a bad meal, it has served you the choice of what you want to, or guided to taste.

There are ways to be stronger, better, healthier and more abundant….with support that will allow you and by osmosis, your loved ones, to be their own master….but it takes a while to overcome your choices.

Doesn’t everyone want to stand tall?

If I want to make different choices, without expectations, help others little by little, I have to be a better brighter me….what about you?



Thankyou and blessings,


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