Food for thought – Claircognizance/Crown Chakra

Food for thought…..getting your head around what are described as your Claire’s…..


Sometimes the knowledge you gather becomes even more confusing, with clear….(note the play on words) information. 😍

Understanding Chakras, can be similar.

We discover interpretations that assist us on this path, usually there is a semblance of similarities offered to us, so I re-iterate how important it is to grasp the truth as it feels for you.

There are no right or wrongs here, simply an inner knowing that what you discover, makes sense to you!

Trust yourself

Let’s talk about what you just know.

That moment when you close your eyes, speak to your higher self and receive information or answers……and with no shadow of a doubt you know, ‘stuff,’ is a sign that you may be Claircognizant.

Claircognizance (clear knowing) can be a simple thought, that is persistent, an inner knowledge that needs no explanation for it to be true, no proof is necessary, for you to accept it.

During meditation, or Automatic writing, we have been guided to connect to our ‘higher self,’ via our Crown Chakra and this is often when we receive, thoughts about ourselves, or others…..even spirit, that is persistent, often not leaving us until we have answers.

1. Are you consciously and effortlessly tapping in the openness of ‘all that is’ at our crown chakra?

2. Do you receive clear messages that you know to be true?

If this is the case, your most probably open to the gift of Claircognizance.

Now for the purpose of gathering information, I’m going to post a couple of links, please note under no circumstances have I had input to the information, nor do I personally know the author in either case, I simply liked the concise way it was presented.

I have chosen theses links purely due to my own belief that Quantum Physics and The Chakras are a direct link to our senses, please enjoy:

Quantum Posibilities


The next ‘blog’ post will delve a little deeper into our inner knowing, and it will question your thoughts, as is my intention.

So huge blessings my lovelies!

Peace out for now,


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