In the beginning,

We are but a spark,

Growing a body,

A simple, not so simple,

Shell for that spark.

At this point of our existence

We have ‘become’ from love,

Born from that universal spark.

As a growing fetus

We are nurtured

We are loved even before

We are born.

Then we become survivors

Or not.

Then it becomes a little complicated.

If you are reading this,

Your spark has survived.

In previous lifetimes

We’ve been loved.

Our lives taken by others

Kept by evil

And lost our soul mates.

We have experiences

That have shaped us,

Ancestry within us,

Time has come to this moment,

We consider how we are to survive,

Moving forward.

If all that we crave is love,

Then all that we are is love,

And all that we can give freely, is love.

Time to see we are worthy.

We are but a spark,

Our bodies, grown, into a simple,

Not so simple shell,

For that spark.

Spark = Love


It’s a beginning.

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