Claire’s and Chakra’s….food for thought.

So with a view to introducing a method healing, that already exists within every one of us….I’m going to be publishing some blog posts that will….’set the scene’ (so to speak) or open the door, to a part of you that resonates to ‘all that is.’

Let me start here….

They say there are 8 ‘Claire’s. I believe in actual fact, there are more like 23….but we’ll get to that later.

The term ‘Claire’ relates to a clarity, or sense of a psychic ‘gift.’

As I write this, I want to allow your mind to connect something else….

The Hindu’s have long celebrated 7 Major Chakras, (which again in truth, there are many more, but utilising my intuition, I will discuss 8, higher and lower at the heart) that follow our spine.

These provide wellness and understanding of our sensibilities, when it comes to the correlation between our emotional and physical bodies.

Let’s consider…..

With love…..


(clear seeing)

A clairvoyant (clear see-er) receives their, and other people’s messages/visuals, some would say, via the third eye chakra.

If you are conscious of dreaming vividly, or of images and visions that flash into your awareness, you may be Clairvoyant, connected openly, to your third eye chakra.

Some people with the gift of ‘clear sight,’ see colours, energy fields or (auras) around people, plants, and animals. Some will see spirit, the divine, orbs and perhaps other, sentient beings.

I believe it’s important to note here, that when they are aware that this ‘sight/sensitivity’ is not available to them, meditation or other means of balancing this chakra will ‘clear the fog’ allowing clarity and sight to be open and aware.

1. Do you sometimes have a vision relating to a person, that comes true? (precognition)

2. Can you easily read other people? You know what it is, they’re thinking?

3. Do you receive snippets of another’s current past, or past lives? (postcognition)

4. Do you understand the reasons why they continually repeat behaviours that do not serve them based on their past?

If you answer yes to these questions, it is highly likely, that you are blessed with the gift of Clairvoyance and have an ‘open’ third eye chakra.

Food for thought….

Until next time.

With love,


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