Our world is like a jigsaw

There are misconceptions

Conspiracy theories or

Just plain old conspiracies.

Manipulation on a scale

Most people cannot fathom

It certainly beggars belief

How we accept such things.


We try and hold our hearts tenderly

We try and hold other people

With love and care

Passing on our beliefs

In a way that will help another

Rise and find their own light filled space.

There are modalities out there

That will provide you with a truth

With a path forward, if it resonates

With your own spirit.

I urge you to to be

Discerning, to go to your heart space

In all matters

Using your intuition to

Feel your way forward or

Allow you to move in another direction or

To a person.

If there is one thing I have come to know,

Is that we all have the ability

To use senses that are laying

Dormant, senses that are sitting

Within our DNA,

Our heart, information we are taught

To deny.

The truth of our world

Is that not all is as it seems

We read information that appears

To be unbelievable

When the actual facts

Seem even more so.

There is a method

Is requires honesty and truth.

It’s simple but needs consistency,

It will take years to master

But the rewards are

That those things that betray our world

Will not be able to touch us.

I’m at the beginning of a new journey

That feels in my heart

Like I’m coming home.

It all starts with the heart

Simple, but truthfully

Not so simple.

#Worth it.


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