Dude….You mean to say that the moon is artificial?

So haha! Got your attention!

There IS actually a school of thought that our ‘Moon’ is actually an artificial satellite, with a community living on the ‘dark side’…..a secret space force with an agenda unknown to us ‘plebs’ here on earth, using a projector of energies, to control our behaviours.

Oh *b…….!!* I hear you say…..😎

But folks, my thoughts are, how can you be soooo sure of your beliefs, have you been there?

What I do know is…..whenever the moon is ‘full,’ my spidey senses go ballistic……no matter whether our moon is a celestial body, a satellite or just a floating huge metal disk!……*insert smile*…….it has a magnetic pull on my own energy…..a tell tale sign that it is cycling.

At around 3am Wednesday 20th (Sydney time) Luna will be at its peak….this is a Super Moon, so it will be very close to Mother Earth at this point, the sun reflecting brightly…..perhaps we will see little communities going about their day……😎?

Notoriously we, today’s Metaphysicians, remind people, that when the moon is full, it’s time to release the grip on those things, those emotive thought processes, that do not serve us, that entangle our minds relentlessly in a negative way.

This Super Moon is positioned in our sky, in the constellation of Virgo…..what that means for us is, we may be inclined to overdo EVERYTHING!

Our moon, no matter what you believe, it’s simple presence, it’s placement in our planetary system, does have a tendency to influence our energetic field.

If you are currently overthinking your world…..take a breath…..accept that the lessons you have learnt from your past, are currently being shown to you by that big old projector in the sky, that your thoughts are simply a reminder of experiences that you have survived….smile and get out the popcorn….this slide show will be over soon.

So what do we ‘take home’ from this?

That WE are the anchors, that secure the energy we receive.

We get to choose how we deal with all influences, that affect our Being.

We all have beliefs….it doesn’t matter whether we are right or not….what matters is that we move forward in the most positive way, so that next time we encounter some energy that makes our emotional body overwhelmed….we choose to release the grip….and just Be.

Peace out,

Love and blessings Jac

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