This life…

As I reflect on this pic…

I’m reminded of all the cliches that we hear…

(Insert eye roll)

Life is a journey

Life is precious

That’s the lesson

Life is short

Love is the answer

The circle of life

And many more…

I have used a few of these myself, usually prepositioned by “feel free to roll your eyes 😍

The thing is, life really is as simple as the above cliches…..

Did you know that our heart is the first organ to form in the body as a fetus?

The last breath we take is fueled by our heart.

Blink and a spark becomes life.

Blink and that spark is born again, in the afterlife.

That circle never ending…life beginning again, somewhere else.

So the reason for my ramblings…a precious friend has begun her journey in the afterlife and even though I cry grateful tears for our friendship, she sent me a message via a Facebook memory this morning, that sometimes it’s ok, to simply be.

So I’m going to be absent for about a week, appointments will be honoured, but no new ones scheduled before next Monday, as I connect and reflect moving forward.

So guys please be grateful, please remember to tell your important people how much you love them, blink…this life is a cliche and your heart is what keeps you going.

Chat next week

I love you ❤️

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