As we approach Christmas, what do YOU wish for?

As we approach the time of year that we give to our loved ones, let’s be reminded that we are spending moments in thought…..we think about bringing them….smiles…..the gift?…’s just the pathway to that joy.

Let’s be reminded that those moments bring us joy, when we find that perfect token to give.

I know I’m breaking it down here…..but the energies of Christmas get ‘combloberatted!!!’

(Yes I’m going to call that a word!)

No matter your religion or faith, your financial status or lack thereof, this celebration is powerful and can cause heartbreak depending on your mindset….your prayer.

So prayer.

We ALL do it.

We ask a Higher Power, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, for the things that are important to us.

We ask for love and abundance for ourselves and our loved ones, we ask for the health happiness and safety regarding the people we care about…..

You are following me, right?

AND we have expectations that we are heard….we might even yell our PLEASE!!!


Soooo…..does it sound feasible, that when you are spending time in thought about not having enough, when you can’t find the right gift, you don’t have enough money, or enough family…..or…..enough anything.

That those thoughts also, would be considered as prayer?

I want you to understand the power of your thoughts and know that your ARE being heard, whether you are wishing for the good stuff, or asking for the things that you DON’T want in your life…..especially now.

You know that saying, be careful what you wish for?

“You won’t receive a smile if you send tears.”

Are you getting my drift?

It’s easy to drift and ebb toward lack, at this time of year, so please…..sweet souls… so very careful with what you wish for this year…..your loved ones need that joyful energy that vibrates within….in fact so does the rest of the world….every little bit helps!

So that is MY wish for the silly season of 2018, that we all be mindful of our joy….that we ALL give the gift of our smiles this year…..that we consciously send out love.

Get me?

Peace, love and abundance blessings to you all!


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