Are you consistent in your consciousness?

So how are we feeling lovely people?

Have you been sleeping….or not?

(This tossing and turning may continue until around the 6th Dec….dissipating until just before Xmas.)

Potent Mercury, has left us exhausted and fighting for our sanity!

Our deep seated fears have been raising their swords, demanding attention….

This Retrograde, it has been intense….hard to fight back….leaving us lifeless and sometimes without spark.

But there is something else….

It’s not ‘just’ a black swirl of energetic madness created by the planets….

There is something different going on.

Can you feel it?

A flicker of light, a semblance of hope, an extra breath feeding your heart…?

It’s called honesty.

We are being called upon to be honest about our fears.

Those who are most sensitive will admit, that our deepest seated fears, are also a crutch that we have used many times over, often assisting us to become better… reach a different level of understanding or spiritualism….

I myself, often use the phrase ‘walked through the fire’ a metaphor, for surviving extreme personal experiences, accepting that our fears are based on those experiences.

But it’s time to literally THROW away those crutches, we do NOT need them anymore, why look at them fondly and pick them up again to test how they feel?

We have become stronger. We are STRONG.

So the Mercury Retrograde, while I believe in the effects of this mystical observation, we need to accept that in many cases our habitual reflection on the survival of our existence so far, must change if we are to be the best we can be.

Be consistent in your consciousness.

Stand in your heart space with compassion, be the reflection our friends and loved ones need to see during theses times.

Smile and have the world smile back at you.

Let’s start there.

Peace out,

Jac ❤️

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