Can you feel it?

Hola beautiful people!

It’s been a little while…..

My disconnect with the technical world being the main reason…..

Throw in a recent New Moon that closed my normally open door to all things universal…..

And I found as a Scorpio, beneath this moon, my focus was on on my love, my world, my partner…..


With love.

Back to the topic at hand…..can you feel it?

The air around us is changed.

We are moving toward the Full Moon in Gemini…..on 23rd November, around let’s just say 5pm….a little before a little after, it simply depends on where you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Whilst the New Moon was all about manifesting love and you are content, feeling very ‘earthed’ even strong within your relationships, you may be feeling something stirring that up already…..breathe and be calm.

This Full Moon, may bring out the dominant you….perhaps not a view you should want other people to see…..but you know that right?

How cryptic IS this stuff hey?

Again I will admit to NOT being an astrologist, or one to know enough to write Horoscopes, but I listen to my mind and body enough to ‘know’ when something’s up…..and I get head down and into research mode…..and I’ve found that the normally peaceful and loving Pleiades, is due to be intimidated by the reflection of other planets…..makes you antsy just reading that hey?

So hence this blog….as we approach this Full Moon, it’s all about the FEELS…..the old emotional resentments regarding ‘important’ people in your life may start to show up…..again!


Yeah I know…’ve dealt with all that!

You are soooo much stronger, it matters little now, but there they are again… your head!

Don’t get cranky with me!

In fact, don’t allow these energies to make you cranky with others, especially those supporters in your life, be aware…..let it pass with flow, it WILL build and it’s better to BE AWARE and not let it hurt your relationships.

Cryptic messages aside, I think you get my drift, put down any past resentments and focus on how good things are now and you will breeze through these energies.

You are enlightened….

You are love.

That is enough.

Peace out ❤️


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