Relationships are soooo easy?



Hola people, it’s so good to reconnect with the ‘powers’ of technology, just when the energy ramps it up and it feels important to share some thoughts. 😀

So…..the full moon approaches 25th October in the ‘wee’ hours in the Southern Hemisphere and there is a distinct feeling of ‘let’s have some fun,’ with a definite thought process that says, ‘let’s examine my relationships.’

Wouldn’t you agree?

I want to break it down a little.

Leading up to this current time you may have found yourself feeling sometimes, a little left out?

Perhaps neglected and misjudged?

You may be on a mission to change a seemingly stale partnership, ‘change it up a little’ and have as much fun, as you possibly can!

My wish is that you slow it down a little at this time, calm the mind and in turn calm the body, overthinking can hurt your body on a physical level…’s Time To be aware and release your grip on any stress and hold less tightly, all the people in your life.

You are busy living your own life, why would you want to live someone else’s simultaneously?

That’s just way too hard.

So I guess this Full Moon is all about people, relax beneath this energy folks, simply enjoy being.

Under this Moon, have the fun you’ve looking to experience, with peace in your mind and body, ease into it and ‘through’ your important relationships guys.

Life is not a battle and people are there for your experience lovelies, make a pact to only enjoy them and you will venture from this Full Moon with peace in your heart.

Peace out, Jac

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