Make Peace ❤️

So the Full Moon is approaching (25th August around 1pm Sydney time) and we are at the tail end of some Retrogrades.

The fog is lifting, we believe we are seeing things more clearly….or are we just jumping the gun?

For myself, I have been shedding limiting beliefs….my world glowing with the brilliance of unchained love.

This Moon is under the influence of Aries an energy that can insist action be taken, perceived problems be dealt with whether it means going into battle, notwithstanding the consequences.


You may see clearly that fighting does not solve problems, only inhibiting healing….and you can choose to move toward this moon, with a view to compromise and love from your heart, instead of your past.

I urge you to keep a crystal with you called ‘Prehnite’

This is a stone of unconditional love, this will help calm your heart and mind, allowing judgement of current situations to lay quietly and your sense of worth to know it’s ok to simply be.

Let this Full Moon pass without battle….allow love to shine brighter than reason, you WILL see positive change if you simply allow yourself to compromise and find balance in life.

See you on the flip side loves,

Peace Out,


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