New Moon? Well isn’t that just super!

So….around about 8pm tonight, 11th August, (Sydney time) we have a Super New Moon/Solar eclipse.


No reason to head for the hills guys….New Moons are notoriously an energy that we ask you to manifest your desires beneath….it’s a Time To expect, that you will see your heart as full, as we look forward.

Super New Moon, sounds impressive right?

What it means, is that silvery slither of light, will be very close to the earths surface, add to the mix a solar eclipse and the energy allows us to feel stronger, more able to visualise what we want.

This New Moon is planted in the sky in such a way that our hearts feel lighter….now not to diminish the hold that Mercury has had on us, but are you feeling as if finally….you feel you can release the breath of the past and look to the future renewed?

Are you in the mood to ‘partaay?’

Ok let’s do this….let’s ask for the release of Karmic debt, let’s release the grip on past experiences, let’s ask for a rebirth that includes abundance….let’s ask the universe for the opportunity to have some FUN!!!

It’s Time,

Go get em!

Peace out,

Jac ❤️

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