The Lions Gate Portal

Hi guys….its Tme to talk to you about ‘The Lions Gate Portal.’


We have been under the influence of this energy pretty much ever since Mercury turned Retrograde….yeah I know….blah blah blah….yet another energetic body, trying to feel the fabric of our sensitive cloak….

This one is about our heart and our connections. The Lionsgate Portal involves the Sun, the Earth, and the star Sirius.

Known as our ‘Spiritual Sun’ some say that Sirius is the link that some of us have to the purest type of love.

During July, these ‘heavenly bodies’ move to merge until astronomers see them as one….and during the first week of August they are again seen separately, twinkling in their rebirth…..and we feel the opening of the Lionsgste Portal, it is calling.

I explain this in such a way that you understand, as there are so many planetary retrogrades and movements ATM, that we seem to be bombarded by energies and reasons to be mindful….it can make us switch off to our higher self.

The Lionsgate Portal is a reason to be ‘switched on,’ if ever there was a Time to open your heart and third eye chakra, this it.

It’s a Time to speak to the stars and be heard.

It’s a Time to activate ancient wisdom that is buried inside you.

It’s Time.

Connect via your heartspace to the stars.

See you on the 8th in the ether.

Peace out,

Jac ❤️

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