John Snow and Winter battles


“Winter is coming”……three words so seriously spoken, by John Snow, (Game of Thrones) in a fictional reference, to a Dark Force that threatened to silence any thoughts of love and life…..yes…..LIFE.

Does it feel a little like you are in a battle, with a power that looks to flat-line your joy, your dreams and your happiness?


Have you recently found thoughts that don’t belong in your happy life, are trying to threaten you, with their presence?

Time to move forward, into the throng of this battle……Winter is Here, (for some of us) and the dark forces that threaten us, will NOT win.

The Winter Solstice on 21st June, (Southern Hemisphere)  has felt a little dark, but……should that surprise us?

At this auspicious time of year,  we herald the longest night of the year, the winter is a time to, Celebrate darkness, not a time to allow the darkness to swallow us whole.

As above, so below.


We find the Sun in Cancer, an energy that will open doors to your emotional body and throw you into a space without light, if you allow it……and yet, Gaia’s growth, lies dormant and damp, its no wonder we wake up in a battle for peace, at the moment.

As a Scorpio, my mission at this point of the year, is to be balanced, stay centred on my mid-line and true to my self worth, I raise my sword of experience, as the dark recesses of my past, try to beat their drums, to make me fearful, as they approach.

And I smile, back to John Snow…..he IS cute hey?

No fear lives here……I bring this up to make us aware, to remind us we are stronger now than we have EVER been, I want to assure you, that there IS a higher force that DOES have our best interests at heart, so no need for us to yield to those thoughts, or forces, that do not serve us, know that soon the light will be with us for longer, the earth will warm to the suns embrace and nature will defend our vibration, as the days pass.


On 25th of June, until 18th August, Mercury will be in retrograde.

I hear you……….your spluttering is loud! 

I don’t mention this to allow anyone to have an excuse for bad behaviour, but to find comfort in this placebo pill, this knowledge, allow your conscious mind to quell your overthinking mind and flow through the next little while with heartspace intention.

You will live…..soon it will be Spring!


Battle for your joy…..with love and blessings,

Peace out,



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