Do you like Pina Colada’s?

As I prepare to sleep beneath a full moon tonight (it actually turns full, a little after midnight here in the Southern Hemisphere, 29th May 2018) I find myself in country NSW where Mother Earth is barren and dry.

So we know that a full moon is all about release right?

I find it ironic as I lay here listening to the sounds of nature, that rain is falling and with determination a cleansing is taking place, quelling a thirst that not many could survive.

There is a sense of joy in the air here…..a grateful earthy heartbeat, is loud and clear.

So can you feel it?

The last few days leading up to this moon have been challenging, reports of sudden illness and recovery, shifting moods and confusion regarding our future. There has been a staleness, the fog of repetitive thought…..but as we get closer, the fog is lifting. 😍

This full moon is bringing us a sense of joy and freedom. Freedom to finally abandon the fear of change and embrace all that comes to us impetuously…..and with excitement.

Are you ready to stand with an upturned face into the rain?

Do you like Pina Colada’s?

Good song that one.

You get the drift.

Peace out ❤️

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