Birth, Death and Light filled love…

For the last little while, I have been observing a physical shift in the living.

I have been experiencing, or noticing, some other worldly changes in myself……the old me wanting to be the best version of myself……the new me, simply at peace, with BEing.

So…..wanting to be the best version of yourself is to be applauded, don’t get me wrong…..but…..

(there is always a but hey? Lol)

Is it because you want to please others, do you want other people to ‘like’ or be impressed by you?

Or… being the best version of yourself important, so that you can stand on a higher platform…..

To see a clearer picture, from that platform….

Do you see no beginning, no ending, simply a continuous energetic stream of life?

Does it look like, Light filled with love?

If so…..what a view hey?

The sun rises, it sets with majestic brilliance and we see the moon…..and oh what a moon at the moment.

We are under the influence right now, of the gorgeous Scorpio moon, (this moon opens my own eyes, as this is my astrological sun sign) and the transformative energy is thick with the energies of Birth, Death and Light filled love.

We are being asked to witness transformations that are taking place around us or within us, we are being asked, to vehemently allow, a new way of BEing,

The energy of this moon will touch you deeply, you will be forced to peel away those layers until you look in the mirror and finally see yourself with love and respect for your journey.

It is time to encourage others to open their eyes so they may too, be grateful for the beauty that surrounds them and……

Glows from them.

This moon will not let you forget that there is more to this life than birth and death, it will remind you to enjoy every moment passionately and love without reserve…..

Peel away the layers of the past, feel lighter…..Open your eyes to the Love light of your present time and feel….

Be…’s Time.

Infinite blessings and love


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