Well I’m glad that’s over……or is it just resolve?


So here we are, in the Southern Hemisphere, it is April 1st, April fools day, or All fools day, whichever way you look at it………its time to recognise and laugh. at what we have survived.

Are we feeling the waves of the Mercury Retrograde or the Full Blue Moon? Or both…. either way, they have certainly made their prescense felt….

And……there are some planets lined up that have created some pretty witchypoo type, of energies, dis-ease to be addressed, a need for competitiveness, downright childish behaviours,  and even (dare I say) you may have felt a significant change in your libido? It’s come in waves, and we have done very well not to drown in them!

Last night as I put my crystal babies beneath the Moonlight, I felt a (yet another) shift.

There was a gentle hand that lifted some pressure from my shoulders, and some words rang in my consciousness, that congratulated me on my resolve for peace.

I have needed to be quiet of late.  There have been issues with people I care about that have been more important than my own, so my moments have been consumed by their pain, their healing and my energetic attempts to quieten the onslaught.

My head hasn’t FELT quiet!!

Sooooo much noise at my end, so loud, it has threatened to suck me under the black water, if it wasn’t for the bounce and echo, of the energy I was sending and receiving, it pushed me upwards…..as often as it pulled me down.

So my resolve for peace.

The air is definitely lighter don’t you think?  Our work seems to have more direction, the pathway clearer……and I feel more ‘able.’

I definitely still feel there are challenges ahead, but I am able to allow everything that the universe wants me to be a part of, help me ‘bring’ my best to the surface,  with my favourite new word ‘resolve’ at the forefront of my view.

So here we go April, this is my shout out to you…………….bring it! Lets see what you’ve got……I’m ready.

Are you?

Love always

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