Do you love?

Well do you?

Do you walk amongst strangers and smile?

Is your vibration one of kindness?


Are you closed?

Do you protect your heart?

Are you fearful that your love may not be returned?


We are in times, that are different.


Are you sleeping with ease?

Do you wake at the same time every night?

Are you simply restless?


Are you exhausted?

Have no passion?

Do you find waking moments are taking their toll?


It’s time to pay attention


As we approach the New Moon, in the Southern Hemisphere on 18th March, some of us are experiencing symptoms that, to say the least are confusing!

If I was an astrologist I would perhaps advise that some of us are on a mission to move with determination and yet some of us are deep in thought….the planets lining up to offer us contrast 😍.

Throwing in huge Solar flares at this time, the universe offers us energy levels that could be a little erratic, I will admit to feeling it myself already……doh!

(I want to add that there is a Mercury Retrograde starting on 23rd March)


So……back to my initial question,

Do you love?

We are in times that are different,

It’s time to pay attention and love.

So I’m not talking about relationships here, I’m talking about your vibration.

In these times we need to let confusing, dramatic, energies fall away. We need to turn to our heartspace EVERY SINGLE TIME and just be…..loving, to yourself and in the company of others.

These energies are bigger than you and me, rest, smile, love…..this world needs us.

Peace out,

Love and grace,


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