Can you feel it?

Is there something brewing?

As I look through this pane of glass that separates me from the change that is happening outside… focus is on the drops on the window……something that has fascinated me of late.

There is one drop that I watch and yet I feel it’s watching me! (Find a small figurine wearing a white wrap around its lower torso)

I notice a line across the grey and I wonder how our protectors are doing, beyond what we see, from way down here.

I feel there is a cleansing going on, our friends who are ill, some not winning their battle, some releasing, with vigour and yet….pain, that which does not serve them…..and are moving toward a changed life.

And the breeze gets stronger, the cold…..extra bitter, the sun is blazing with heat, our energy centres are becoming alive with extremes!

So what is the point to my rainy day ramblings?

I believe there IS something brewing, I believe this change will be known to us sooner rather than later……I believe our world is adjusting to a better way……and I believe there are those we haven’t met……(as yet) that are guiding us to this new beginning.

I sit here without fear.

Some are scared by an unknown future, for me…..every single time my world has been turned upside down, I have softly landed on my feet, my eyes wide open to a different view.

So as we traverse March my loves, bring your attention to that which you would normally NOT notice, experience breath like never before, sway with the wind and embrace extremes as your body shifts to BE new, awakening memories and gifts that have been waiting…..for a very long time.

Huge love


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