Gypsy Road


Soooooo the wheels keep turning……

Not just on our motor home, but on my personal growth and the insights regarding those who are supposedly our nearest and dearest.

I’m simply fortunate, I know that……..but months ago I faltered and got caught in a game that my inner child wanted to play with my self worth……involving some important people.

I know better……this is a year of new beginnings after all……it’s a 1 year

But it appeared, that just before the end of our 9 year (2016), the universe decided to throw everything at me to really make sure my ‘stuff’ was faced……and so facing it I have been……not too well if I’m honest……but the shadow that was following me around at a distance, is gone.

I was reminded recently of some stuff I knew……a book I had read, in fact, I had actually recommended it to a close friend I was able to spend time with, just before a ‘family do’………pretty much makes our ‘stuff’ easy to understand…….

The Four Agreements

  1. Be impeccable with your word

2.   Don’t take anything personally

3.  Don’t make assumptions

4.  Always do your best

If I had remembered these valuable words I would have recovered from my stumble much quicker…….I would have moved forward with the ease and grace that was and is quite normal for me…….I would not have agonised to the extent I had, as it was…….I was agonising on my own, shedding tears quietly, without even really understanding why.

It did not affect my work, we can always see others people’s lives with such clarity, when they show it to us……

But I know now, that the last so many months, has been a gift.

A gift of understanding  what it means to be impeccable with my words, most of all when I’m saying them to myself.

That those people that you have the highest expectations of, do not understand why you might take things so personally when they touch your inner child, so there is no point in it.

Don’t presume others understand you, just because you think they should, they are simply following their own road, it is different to yours.

Lastly, always, continue to be the best you can be……with peace in your heart.

I am soooooo grateful that I am at this point on the Road, as we approach this coming Full Moon in Aries on Friday.

I am always sensitive to a Full Moon, this one will be about endings.

A fire sign, Aries encourages us to get things done once and for all, so with this Full Moon in Aries, we are encouraged to stand firm, looking at the future of how we want our lives to be, with conviction and joy of what is to come.

So I can see the Road ahead with much more clarity, I do not see any potholes…..only adventure and relationships with others that serve me…..always, for they and this life we have, is presented to us to unwrap and appreciate, for it will always take us in a direction that will make us grow and be better.

For now, hugs and love

Catch you soon, Jac

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