Flight, Flow and a Gypsy


This Gypsy is currently by the ocean.  WOW!  It’s intimidating, but it is undeniably, ‘in your face beauty’ that leaves you breathless and in awe of its power……but I digress….

Do you feel like a leaf that has been taken by the breeze lately?

Well…….we sort of have a plan don’t we?  We know we are going somewhere, but is ‘somewhere’ REALLY where we want to be?

Lets not overthink this……really……our world is ‘transitioning’…..(for want of a word that will give us all the answers) the energy is so LOUD it’s hard to hear our own thoughts, the wind and the earth is rattling our world to the point that its vibration will NOT be ignored….and even in the Southern Hemisphere, we are feeling its effect.

It’s important leading up to the New Moon on 20th September, that we harness this energy, allow our faces to turn to the Sun, embracing the solar flares as our personal power, that we simply feel the breeze gathering around us, that we unfold our wings and allow all that has not served us, up until now….to drift away.

Our time to fly is nearly here.


This Moon is definitely going to change us, we are going to plant our feet firmly and finally speak our truth’s, our words are important…..as is our quiet…..let it speak volumes.

So, this blog is not an energy forecast, there are so many out there…..we get the gist…..this is more of a reflective prompt, to get to the bottom of what makes us happy, or not.

This is to help us makes sense for a moment, on what it is that has been filling our minds…..a lot of us are left wondering, with too much going on within and around us.

So lets just allow the time to pass fruitfully, embrace that you make perfect choices, try not to engage ‘what if’ thought processes……trust the Universeand with love and grace, see yourself as ‘transitioning’ toward all that you deserve beneath the New Moon on 20th September.

So mote it be.

Huge love Jac







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