Mother Earth has been calling to this Gypsy……synchronistically 😍

We left winter on the 30th, we simply couldn’t wait any longer, in our souls we were done with it…..spring was coming and we wanted to meet it head on!

Sooooo many shifts in recent times, the temperatures seeming to be willing our bodies to be brittle, the energy it seemed, was literally trying to break us.

Who has been very sick recently?

Who has been subjected to unusual skin irritations?

Who has hurt themselves by not paying attention?

I believe that the universe has been asking us to stop in recent months, aside from all the talk of planetary alignments and retrogrades, it’s simple….stop….

For in our future, we are to gather our power for something bigger.
The universe has been asking us to shift our stance, allowing these energies and our past experiences to wash over us, rather than stand bracing our physical bodies, against the onslaught.

Stand with Grace as opposed to Brace…...I like that.

You know when you hold your body tight ready for the next blow? That’s what I’m talking about.
The fact is we are approaching the end of a Mercury Retrograde (huge sighs of relief all round) and we are getting ready for a full moon in Pisces 6th September. Intense.
We will most likely be emotional….you have a choice to look beyond your emotions and grow or get caught up in drama.

Do what makes you feel better….it’s not easy, but it’s simple.

So here we are in Spring…..Mother Earth is changing her environment, urging us to to do the same…..talking to us via the breeze, telling us to grow.

So…..I want to share with you my synchronistic message from Mother Earth.
I’m not a person that knows the name of native flowers…..I have my own cute little versions of what they should be called….but the names given to them by botanists?

Lol !

I can’t even pronounce them let alone remember them.

The Waratah ~ Scientific name: Telopea

Higher classification: Proteas

Yep…..these guys are tripping me up at the moment. I mean, I’m seeing them literally everywhere! By the side of the road, on roundabouts….I’m even seeing them on my Facebook feed.
One of the many Original Australian meanings that relate to the Waratah is, something beautiful that stands out from afar.   Amazingly, standing close to this flower, we realise that it is really something quite unique.
The bright red flower is actually not THE flower. It is a collection of smaller flowers. The older flowers are positioned on the outside protecting the younger flowers that grow up from within their circle.
Folding up around these flowers are a group of large red leaves that are known as bracts. As well as being quite beautiful these leaves also perform a very special function. They protect the flowers by holding them together, just as you might hold your hands around something small and precious.

The Waratahs that have presented to me, have grown tall….all of them!

Towering high on their stems, they overlook their surroundings with grandeur and spirit.

So what have I made of all of this information?

That it is our time to stand tall, to encourage all of those only just taking their step toward their higher selves, with love and patience.

We are reminded that, as a community if we stand with love, supporting the next generation of spiritual souls, sharing whatever it is we’ve learned with grace….our environment flows, our growth is revered and all that is unimportant, is invisible to us.
Again simple.

Lol…..maybe not so much.

But it’s a plan.

I will leave you to think about this….until next time….

Huge love ❤️


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