Gypsy Warrior Love


I sit here today, using the WIFI kindly donated by travelling children, I am in awe of the sunshine and its vibration!

I feel a shift……do you feel it as well?

As we move toward the solar eclipse on the 7th August and the Lionsgate Portal on the 8th, there is a definite to-ing and fro-ing relating to how we feel about our personal power….personally…..’insert smile relating to play on words’ I’m feeling dangerously warrior like, which is VERY unlike moi!

So my goal is, to allow the energies to wash over me for the next week or so,  ALLOW being the operative word…..allowing my loved ones to love me back with ease and grace.

I will be fierce ‘quietly,’ while I learn to adjust to my new sense of being…..I must be REALLY turning into a Gypsy!

How are you feeling?  Is it really time to harness your power and move forward toward change?

I think so.

It struck me as we were travelling toward this destination yesterday morning, (as the sun shone on the cold earth)  that the mist that enveloped and hugged the trees,  was Gaia’s breath.

She took deep breaths, that were visible in the troughs and valleys of her surface and in awe, I felt her gathering her strength, growing her glow and getting ready for the change of season and the change that is coming, within all of us.

So now, thoughtfully smiling as I sit drinking a hot beverage, I contemplate how many connections I will make with those who are about to receive their $8.00 readings, (please go to the promotions page)  how many will embrace their changes, with acceptance and humility.

I know that those connections will be perfect, perfect for our tribe of likeminded spiritual warriors……….having said that I will say, to those I don’t already know, I can’t wait to meet you!

Once again beautiful people, I will say peace out… and blessings to you, your loved ones and the spiritual warrior within, talk again soon!!

Huge hugs Jac

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