Lots of Gypsyness beneath New Moon! (23rd July)


Hola Canberra!

The Psychic Gypsy is back with her bells on, excited and ready for a day of connection at the Good Earth Psychic Fair on Saturday 22nd July!

The Good Earth Psychic Fair – Hughes Community Centre

As I sit here in my new space, the wind howls and gently rocks my world (literally!) the van swaying in time with the trees at my window, the clouds moving swiftly and I smile….even though the energy outside appears a little intense.


I’m drawn to ask a few questions as we approach the New Moon on 23rd July.

How has your roller coaster ride been lately? You know that one with the neon flashing lights that reads “Life!”

While this year has certainly been about endings and beginnings, we have sometimes taken a few, what feels like, backward steps…..but be reassured, its ALL in the name of progress, we are going to come out of this year…..new.

Your may have started to stray back to thought processes you had earlier this year, regarding that relationship issue, does it feel like this issue definitely needs some resolution?
Its time for some emotional truth, but please be aware of the intensity of this energy, speak your truth kindly, always being mindful that this is an opportunity to finally clear up those misconceptions on both sides and make a clear decision, on whether this will serve your future peace.

How is work? Its important to remember that everyone is subject to the intensity of this New Moon, even though others may not be aware of the reasons why. If there are sudden changes to your routine, see this as the universes way of bringing you changes that you needed to have, accept and allow these changes to push you to new frontiers!

How is your health? This is a good time to assess your daily habits, allow your body to adjust without crisis, drink plenty of water, eat clean and most importantly, be grateful for all we have, be grateful that we have the opportunity to take charge, making a commitment to our personal power.

As this month continues beyond the New Moon, things will appear to have more clarity, the emotional fog with have dissipated, the way forward seeming more clear……look to the Moon, feel its power and then turn your face to the Sun and feel its vibrancy, prepare yourself to step through the Lions Gate on 8th August…..feel your power now!

With that being said, I find I am ready to channel my inner Lioness….I have a fabulous coffee meeting with my gorgeous older son, in a couple of hours and I had a conversation with my amazing younger son just prior to writing this blog, I am already feeling my inner purrrrrrrrr……claws withdrawn, but the power of a momma cat, definitely part of my demeanour.

Chat to you next time guys,

Peace out, Jac
The Psychic Gypsy

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