The Reality of a Psychic Gypsy!


So…….here we are, thank goodness for WIFI donated by our travelling children…….whoah!!  It appears there is a pattern forming?  Doh!

And, as I find myself getting back to my reality, I ponder how the universe really does bring us what we need……why does it surprise when I remember that,  all we really DO need to do……is ask, I guess the reminders come when we are open to hearing them eh?

My Reality, well not everyone has the ability to understand that one……not even myself some of the time, but I am often getting a kick up the backside from my guides……(and my dad…..who is passed, but very much with me)……for not listening when they tell me to ‘get back on the horse‘……I know they want me to connect with those that need connection, more often than I have recently.

So the Gypsy vision is a Reality, the love of my partner is a Reality, and my passion for spreading ‘The Light’ or ‘Glow’ as I like to call it……is a Reality bigger and brighter than ever before…..I’m blessed to encourage so many and be encouraged, by the most authentic people I have ever known.

I have started a page on this ‘Intergalactic Cyber Space’ commonly known as ‘My website’ ‘insert big smile,’ that lets you know of upcoming events/promotions and the like……so hopefully spirit allows me to sleep tonight before we set off tomorrow, on a slow journey back to Canberra……did I mention the cold in my last ‘blog?’  brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

But with a warm heart I send you loads of love, and look forward to sharing the next part of this Gypsy’s journey…..always moving forward!.

Huge hugs Jac.

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