How is the life of a Psychic Gypsy? You may well ask!

fullsizeoutput_b4f“If happiness is the goal……and it should be……then adventures should be a priority!”

I LOVE what I do, I LOVE helping people, making a difference in other peoples lives and that of my own……….with a little help from spirit.

I tell people all the time to open their hearts and minds to more……….to look beyond the confines of what might be making them unhappy, accept and allow new experiences not based in the past.

Well, when my partner suggested we buy a motorhome and see some of Australia’s magnificent and profoundly ancient locations……….I thought, well thats a new experience, lets try it!

The self talk was loud………“I can do what I love from a Van, after all, authentic Gypsies have been doing it for hundreds of years!”

A purchase has been made!

Our home rented.

The decisions regarding what to include (and what NOT to)……….not quite so easy, not even spirit has been able to help with that one.

You know the old “the universe will help you make the right choices” or “there is no right or wrong” might work with life decisions, but its not helpful when I want to decide whether to take my favourite Doc Martins or not!……..I know, third world problem, not!

As it stands, our first mini adventure has been experienced, beneath the full moon of 09/07 and energetically my new space is compactly divine, with some pretty powerful crystals feeling right at home.

I have been quietly reading for my regular clients on a table that speaks of thanks and kindness…… guides appear to be quite happy with our choices so far.

So for now………we still have some things to complete, quite a few errands and jobs to do, before the REAL adventure starts, early October.

The biggest hurdle?……well that would be dodging the minus temperatures in the ACT (mainly) and parts of NSW in Australia!

Love and Healing to those friends in Canada and the US who are dodging fires right now….(July 2017) you are in my heart every day.

So soon there will be a promotion to celebrate the start of this adventure!

Keep an eye out on Facebook and ‘Time To Heal’ – (the link should appear at the bottom of this page) and I will see you at the upcoming fairs, see below for the next one at Hughes in Canberra.

The Good Earth Psychic Fair

Peace out for now guys!

Huge love!


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