12 Strand DNA Activation


For many years humans have believed that we have a DNA that was gifted to us at birth, by our parents.

As a layperson, someone that knows very little about the intricacies of physics, we could equate that theory this way: a 2 strand DNA Helix (see pic below) = 2 parents….their parents, we are a simple product of genetics.


In more recent times, scientists have been talking about a theory of so called ‘junk DNA’, chromosomes that ‘serve no purpose’, 12 strands of DNA, that are never used…..or…..that their purpose, cannot simply, be explained.

Where did this come from? Why are we only hearing about this now?

(My advise at this point, would be to do some research.)

Without intruding on other people’s belief systems, I believe, we are all of Galactic descent, I know this to be true, for myself.

In another lifetime, when my essence, or my time on this planet began, I had capabilities of which I am only just unlocking, in this life.

Telepathy, was not something incredible, that when the power of the mind and body together could bend time, it was not considered magic and my communications with ‘souls’ of alternate realms, were considered commonplace.

Lets keep this simple.

Located near your crown, in the centre of your brain, is the Pineal Gland and is the home of the Master cell, that activates all of your DNA, including that, which has never been used before.

Now some of us have activated something called our Kundalini (see link)  and to some extent, we have activated our ‘junk DNA’ but, I have found in recent times, via information from my Galactic Guides, that there is more.

(And…….it has taken me a little while to be able to put this in writing……so to speak.)

Some people will offer 12 Strand DNA activations via their chakras, opening energetic centres (chakras) above and below the Sanskrit 7 major chakra system.

For someone like myself, who is well acquainted with her Shakti Kundalini, this activation felt like an enhancement or upgrade, but I was advised to share this with everyone, who is open to becoming aware, of their personal ‘inner knowing.’

Let’s open the door to our 12 Strand DNA.

Your mid-line runs from the top of your skull, then through all 24 vertebrae, (note 24) ending at the coccyx and is our body’s centre.

(You will often hear people like myself asking you to find your centre)

One side of your mid-line represents your feminine, the left.  The right side of your mid-line represents your masculine.

(I will ask at this point….just how many of you, walk through life, paying attention, or ‘feeling’ without even realising it, from just one side of your body?  Connect to your left and right side consciously and notice a difference)

The above knowledge is ancient.

Many years ago, a man by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci, received information, but ‘humanity’ or a large part of that ‘whole,’ was reluctant to listen.

If you would like to experience the ignition of your starlight, if you would like to fill those black holes, not only on a personal level, but cohesively, extending this energy to others on our planet and beyond into the universe……..this is the place to start…..do you have  positive intention?

Cost and what to expect.

This activation is received by distance and the recipient should have some experience/understanding of Energetic Activations and should be over the age of 18.  The cost of this activation is by donation (with a minimum of AU$5.00) to ensure an authentic intention and will include instructions on how to accept it, once the donation has been made.

Donation via PayPal ~ Minimum of AU$5.00

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